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What is Ads Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a model that allows a company to use tools or pay others to advertise their services and products in order to generate sales. In particular, Google ads help to drive high-quality and extra traffic to the affiliate website. It allows you to target a set of audience actively seeking your products or services.

Similarly, Facebook ads help you to reach the feeds of more users or ideal customers, while introducing them to your services or products.

Paid Traffic Channels in Affiliate Marketing

You may need appropriate affiliate advertising channels and strategies to drive traffic to your products. They include:

  • Affiliate marketing with Google Ads 
  • Affiliate marketing with Facebook Ads 
  • Display ads and Remarketing 
  • Alternatives solutions

These were essential things for your affiliate marketing SEO, however, we’d like to share 10 weekly techniques that will help you skyrocket your organic traffic and have more affiliate sales.

How to Promote Affiliate Products with Ads

Here’s a brief list of what you need to get started with the affiliate marketing via paid traffic channels:

  1. Find a relevant Affiliate program
    Make a quick research to find an affiliate programs which are reliable and relevant to your niche. You can also check out some untapped niches in the market or products that will be attractive for your own customers.
  2. Sign up for the program
    Apply by completing a brief form and checking all vendors’ policies and guidelines. Then, wait to receive your unique affiliate links and marketing materials.
  3. Choose the paid traffic channel
    You can try affiliate marketing with paid ads, google ads, Facebook ads. Learn best tips on working with these channels from affiliate blogs and forums.
  4. Testing and better targeting
    Spend as much time on finding the right targeted audience for your ad. as you do with SEO or and designing the ad itself. Too many people skip the ad targeting part and it leads to failure.
  5. Keyword analysis
    Try to find the “right” niche keywords that are most often used for searching the vendor’s product.
  6. Tests and adjustments
    It may take some time until you get everything just right. Don’t be afraid to modify a few targeting options until you find a perfect match.
  7. Just scale!
    And now you perfectly understand how to promote vendor’s products using paid traffic channels for affiliate marketing. You can replicate your strategy and scale up as much as you like.

How to Choose Program for Affiliate Paid Traffic?

Elfsight SaaS Affiliate Program is one of the reliable affiliate programs where you can be successful with paid traffic channels:

  • Great product line-up of 80+ widgets,
  • Ease of upselling and high customer LTV
  • lifetime recurring commission and fair payouts to your bank account or PayPal.30% recurring commission
ElfsightOther affiliate programs
Entry feesFree to joinMonthly/annual fees
Commission30% recurring 20% – 30% one-time
Cookie lifespan lifetime 60 – 90 days
Marketing  materialsLogos, video samples, scripts, widget catalogsGuideline
SupportHelp docs, online chat, personal account managerHelp docs, ticket system
Tracking toolsPersonal dashboard Monthly reports

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Best Strategies for Affiliate Marketing with Paid Ads

Below are the best strategies you can employ to be successful in ads affiliate marketing. However, note that advertising based on brand queries is 99% prohibited in any affiliate program.

  • Advertising via competitors brand keywords
    A highly effective strategy is to check out your competitors and the special brand keywords they employ to attract traffic. Now, run your advertisement using the same keywords.
  • Advertising via non-branded keywords
    Another route is to research and use the product keywords without adding the brand name. The hack is to go the extra mile to be more effective than the producing company. 
  • Remarketing
    This tactic targets customers who already visited your affiliate landing pages/ Essentially, you tailor your ads to their preferences, knowing that it’ll draw them in.
  • Look-alike from the pre-landing domain
    If the remarketing proves effective, a follow up strategy is to create a similar audience to that of the initial target. Plan 3-5 days to set up and test according to the traffic volume. 

In addition, here are the other types of advertising you need to know:

  • Native advertising → This is designed to match the content of a service source.
  • Video ads → It involves online display advertisements with videos.
  • Click-unders → a full-page ad that shows under the page people are viewing.
  • Pop-ups → ads that suddenly show on the visual interface foreground.
  • Targeted ads on social networks → helps to identify potential customers of any service. 
  • Display ads → combines images, texts, and a URL to advertise a service.

Best Affiliate Programs for Paid Ads strategies

We have gathered a few other affiliate programs that you’re absolutely to start your affiliate marketing with:

  1. Infolinks
    Infolinks is seen as a great AdSense alternative used by more than 100,000 publishers globally. Infolinks offers various ad format units to monetize a user’s website’s traffic.
  2. Media.net
    Media.net is a popular choice for many bloggers after AdSense. It’s an ads program used by publishers to make cash globally. You can join the platform for free after receiving the unique referral ID.
  3. Skimlinks
    Skimlinks is a popular contextual and in-text advertising platform that provides great earnings to publishers. The platform offers various promo materials, such as text, disclosure badges, and custom Banner ads.
  4. RevenueHits
    RevenueHits, a self-service ad platform, is another top ads affiliate program you can use in 2022. It offers digital advertising optimization for bloggers or publishers to make a profit using their website traffic.
  5. Outbrain
    This is a premium affiliate program for your affiliate marketing. Outbrain is a great choice if you want a native advertising avenue to monetize your site traffic with big conversion rates.

Now that you have learned some basics of the affiliate marketing via paid traffic channels. It’s time to give it a try. Pick an affiliate program today and start brainstorming a campaign you can run for extra revenue stream.

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