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Website Translator Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Website Translator and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Avoid confusion due to AI-powered translation from Google

Google’s AI tools inspect your website content to understand the meaning of sections and elements on your page. This allows the widget to create perfect translations based on the context and logic of your page structure. Every button, popup, tip, or description will be translated in a way that conveys your intended meaning.

Translate your website content automatically in over 130 languages

Let your customers see the information on your website in their native language effortlessly. The widget is ready to display the page content immediately in a way that is convenient for the speakers of 133 languages. Create a seamless language experience as if the website was originally designed for readers of any linguistic background.

Remember users’ language preferences for future sessions

With Elfsight’s Website Translator widget, you can show your content in the language that users have previously chosen. This eliminates the need for visitors to repeatedly select their preferred language, providing a user-friendly experience right away. This feature helps customers explore your website naturally, without language barriers.


Simply deal with language peculiarities without confusion

Forget about misleading phrases that appear on the website due to incorrect translation of common idioms and proverbs from a source language. With AI features in it, the widget can recognize those specific phrases when a deeper cultural understanding is required.


Choose and customize your style for a perfect match

With 22 predefined widget styles to choose from, our tool makes it easy to find the perfect match for your brand. Personalize the colors and fonts to ensure your widget seamlessly integrates with your existing design.

Optimized Performance for Every User

Our widget is engineered for speed, featuring page-speed friendly lazy loading that ensures your website remains fast and efficient. This optimization minimizes loading times, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

Embed seamlessly for a smooth integration

Embed the widget effortlessly, either inline or as a floating element, to suit your website’s layout. You can select from three different size options, ensuring the widget fits perfectly into any part of your site.

Optimize and enhance your user experience

Our widget is optimized for all devices and screens, ensuring a smooth user experience across platforms. It utilizes page-speed friendly lazy loading for faster performance. Enjoy tech-free customization in our user-friendly configurator, or delve into advanced tweaks with custom CSS and JS editors.


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