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VK Feed Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight VK Feed and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Grid layout to form your perfect section

Present your posts to their maximum with the help of the Grid layout. It’s a great solution for those who’d like to form an entire Gallery page of their website. Make it easier for your audience to inquire into your content. The posts here form a grid and users can scroll down the page in order to see more.

Slider and Carousel

Check out the perfect layout variations to arrange the VK Feed widget as a separate unit on a page and add it seamlessly into your content zone. Incorporate your posts into your page saving the space. Select the Slider to attract attention to your separate posts; and Carousel – to present more content at a time. Choose the control type for your audience to slide through your posts or switch the autoplay option on.

Apply stunning Masonry layout

To use the space on your website effectively, choose the Masonry layout. It arranges the cards depending on the space available and the sizing of the widget you’ve built. Apply this layout to create a gallery unit right in the content area. Present more content with less space available!

Classic List layout

Allow your users explore your widget with ease by choosing the familiar List layout. Form your own continual feed with vertical posts and the “Load more” button for an extreme user engagement.


You have a possibility to alter the widget’s title and create a caption to drive your visitors to a target action. Make a minimalist widget by shutting the header off by clicking on the box, so nothing would interfere with user experience.

Follow button to grow your subscribers list

Widen your VK feed overall performance on your website to expand your popularity and attract more new subscribers. With Elfsight VK Feed you can add the Follow button to the widget posts. This simple action will turn your visitors into followers in a click. Form your community in a couple of clicks!

Malleable sizes to fit in effortlessly

No matter what your space requirements are, you’ll fit in easily. Select the needed widget sizing in pixels, and the width and height will be adjusted automatically to form optimum measurements. And be sure that your widget will be mobile-optimized perfectly.


Card styles to display your posts

Our handy configurator provides you with 5 premade templates. They offer different text, photo, and author profile picture locations. It also features a minimalist template, where nothing would mess up with your visuals. And the unique horizontal card layout will surely draw users attention and keep them involved.

Adjustable post elements

Each post has elements that contribute to visitor engagement: author name, author picture, publication date, share icon, source icon or badge, and post text. There’s also an autoplay option to start playing video posts just as your users see them. Simply click on the box in the editor to switch them on or off.

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Create the color scheme that meets your needs

Right after you’ve chosen the most suiting template, proceed to colors! We offer you to start from selecting a dark or light theme. If none seems to satisfy, switch to custom. Adjoin a picture as a background of your widget or simply make a gradient fill to make your widget look colourful. Select your accent color, that would match your existing website design and the chosen color scheme. Alter the fonts if you need to or keep them classic. Simple as that! Making your own design is simple and plain like never before.


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