VK Feed Examples

Check VK Feed examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1. Masonry

This plugin is demonstrated in a shape of Masonry layout granting you an option to seamlessly embed it into the vacant spot on your website’s page. Blue is used as an accent color to emphasize the hashtags.

Example 2. Masonry Dark

Assuming you want to provide your news feed a snazzy look, employ a dark scheme combined with a Masonry layout.

Example 3. Timeline

Using the List layout, you ’ll get an opportunity to build a feed with news from multiple sources, which your users surely won’t skip.
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Start with creating your widget
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Example 4. Grid

in case you are looking for pure and well-pressed forms, then you should definitely notice the Grid layout. With it, you can build a section with posts from various sources.

Example 5. Masonry Colored

Boost your website design by turning your widget bright blue and applying the Masonry template.

Example 6. Full Width Carousel

A full-size Carousel section will enable your visitors to get acquainted with all the posts in your interactive feed completely and won’t let them take off your website in a rush.

Example 7. Carousel

A live carousel will get your visitors’ attention and incline them to scroll your website as far as possible.

Example 8. Small widget

This is a great variant for those who can’t give a lot of space to the full-size tool on the website’s page. The Slider template is there to help visitors to see more.

Example 9. Slider

The Slider template is a great variant to accentuate the visual. Supposing you have something to brag about to your audience, choose this option.

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