Subscription Form Features

Explore all the features of Subscription Form widget and how they can help you create the most effective tool.

Manage the elements

Our email subscription form allows you to add a header and accompany it with a caption. The form itself can contain the label to help users easily get what info they need to submit, a placeholder, and a description which is displayed under the box. You are also free to choose whether these fields are required or not.

Decide upon the post-submit actions

There are three scenarios for you to choose from. You may redirect your users to some URL, for example, to a landing page created specially for your campaign, show a success message or simply hide the form after the user has filled it in.

Export your submissions in CSV format

In case you need to manage your email list manually, you are free to export it in CSV format. Simply open the admin panel with your widget, and press the “download button”.


Integrate your widget with Mailchimp

To manage the information you’ve collected with the Subscription Form widget via Mailchimp, you need to log in to your account in the service and connect it with your widget in the Integrations section in the configurator. After a user submits the data you need, you’ll see it in the Contacts list of your Audience section in the Mailchimp.

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Four layouts at your disposal

By choosing one of four offered templates, you’ll get a widget that users definitely won’t miss. Depending on your needs, it can be built into the content zone by means of our Embedded template. The Pane will let you position the widget at the left or right side of the page, with the Popup layout you’ll be able to present all the form fields on click and Side-in will show your website visitors an unobtrusive form in the corner.


Dark or light color scheme

Now that you’ve decided upon the widget layout and other features, move on to the next step – choose the color scheme that’ll be a perfect reflection of your style! You are free to choose light or dark one, and there’s no need to worry about matching colors – our color scheme generator can pick them for you. But if you want to work with the colors on your own, you are always welcome to do it – our handy configurator allows you to recolor the label, field text, caption, fill and so much more!

Elements and fonts

It’s not only colors you can alter, but also corner radius – it can be Square, Rounded, Circular or custom. The Label, Caption and Field text fonts can be modified as well. There’s an option to choose their size and weight. Also, the Label position can be either Outside or Inside, and the form Border can be outlined or underlined.


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