Jimdo Store Locator widget

Grow credibility and receive more in-store clients

Embed Store Locator into Jimdo with an Elfsight widget

The Elfsight Store Locator for Jimdo is a lively and adjustable widget designed to upscale your website’s usability and customer engagement by making it easier than ever for your clients to find your location. With a suite of great features tailored for utility and performance, this widget is your perfect solution for showing your physical store locations in a clear and convenient way. Try it right now and notice how it turns your website into a user-oriented store finder!

By integrating the widget, you will grow your credibility among customers by providing detailed information concerning your business’s physical locations, reassuring them of your real presence. This may result in quicker decision-making and enhanced shopping experience among clients.

Use the brilliant store finder to showcase your location and helpful business details. Provide your physical address and required information driving additional in-store visitors.

The widget includes powerful and easy features, view some of them:

  • Dynamic address selection
  • User-oriented map characteristics
  • Location action buttons enabled with integrations
  • Detailed location popup on marker selection
  • Location business hours & open status

You can try the full capabilities of the widget in the demo on this page

How do I Integrate Store Locator into my Jimdo web page?

Just follow the steps presented below to activate the tool.

  1. Launch our free configurator and start creating your custom-made plugin.
    Choose the suitable interface and functional traits of the tool and save the modifications.
  2. Receive your individual code revealed in the box on Elfsight Apps.
    As soon as the customization of your personal plugin is over, copy the exclusive code at the appearing popup and save it for later usage.
  3. Enter on using the widget on Jimdo site.
    Paste the code saved recently in your website and apply the improvements.
  4. Done! The integration is fully performed.
    Visit your web page to view how the widget operates.

On condition of having inquiries or coming across some obstacles, feel free to appeal to our support staff. Our specialists will be excited to help you with all the difficulties you might have with the widget.


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