Social Feed Templates for your website

Add the Social Feed widget to your website. Fast. Easy. No Coding.
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Demonstrate your stunning Instagram photos or videos on your website and attract new followers.
Showcase your awesome Facebook posts on your website and attract new followers.
Reveal your cool Twitter posts on your website and get new followers in 1-2-3.
Show your stunning TikTok videos on your website and attract new audiences.
Inspire your audience with stunning content from Pinterest and increase website traffic.
Attract your website visitors with exciting YouTube content and grow your audience.
Create an engaging gallery with Vimeo videos on your website.
Add captivating Tumblr content to your site to keep your audience involved and reach more people
Present the most striking and relevant news and blog posts on your website.
Showcase interesting content from VK on your website and get more followers and traffic.

Create your Social media feed widget in a few clicks – use any template you like!

Want to create your own social media feed widget but don’t know where to start? It’s not a problem anymore! On this page you can see various templates that will show exactly how you can use the social media feed widget on your site.

How can I use Social Media Feed on my website?

There are numerous ways of using Social Media Feed widget on your website, and all of them are possible if you choose your perfect template. For example, you can add a whole feed of Instagram posts to your site, which will beautifully complement the content of your site, as well as attract new users to your account. The Facebook feed template will allow you to create a whole feed from the content from your account on this social network – from videos to texts. Using the RSS template, you can create a feed on your website with interesting and useful news from a variety of online media. Not tired yet? Then on to the awesome YouTube feed template – this too can be easily added to your website by creating a cool social media feed widget filled with content from your or any relevant YouTube channel. Need more videos? Then welcome to the TikTok feed template – you can add an interactive and vibrant TikTok feed to your website that will definitely impress your audience.

How can I embed any template to my website?

To install the Social Media Feed widget, you don’t need to have any particular skills or coding experience. Simply follow the steps below, and you’ll see how easy it will be to integrate the Social Media feed to your site!

  1. Register in Elfsight service with the help of the demo so that you could use the preferred template;
  2. Note the installation code, that appears in your account at Elfsight Apps;
  3. Add the code into the site template or to the page where you want to embed the widget;
  4. Make sure to apply the changes. Done! The chosen Social Media Feed template is live and running on your website.

Since you’ve embedded the desired Social media feed template to your website, you can turn back to Elfsight apps any time you desire and adjust it. All the changes will appear in the published widget once you save them, and there’s no need to go to your website’s HTML code to perform any alterations to the Social media widget. Moreover, you can embed the Social Feed widget in each and every page. To manage it, you should go to the website backend and add two lines of custom installation code to the header or footer.