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Social Feed Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Social Feed and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Feature 1: Sort things out

Elfsight Social Media widget enables you to filter the content, relevant for your target audience. We’ve created appropriate filters for each source supported, which let you display certain types of content, present in corresponding social media. For example, while attaching Instagram, you can set to display the posts with video, photo, or IGTV content. Don’t forget to set the sorting option according to your needs. Show the freshest posts first to keep the audience engaged or rank them according to popularity to show the most relevant content. You also have an option to choose random order to make the Social Media live feed more diverse and captivating.

Feature 2: Full control over your feed

Apply Manual moderation mode to choose and pick by hand only the posts that suit your feed. Only after your approval they will appear in the widget. If you are confident enough in the social media content particular users produce, you can whitelist them to upload their posts right away without your approval. And vice versa, blacklist the people, whose social media posts you would not like to see in your feed, and they will be automatically rejected. Weed out any spam and unwilling content easily!

Feature 3: Smooth uploading and one-click moderation

Let the widget do all the work for you! The Auto-moderation mode automatically approves and uploads all the posts according to the filters set. But you still have the option to switch undesired posts off manually. This mode also features the blacklist option to avoid any undesired or irrelevant content in your feed.

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Feature 1: Show social media posts to the fullest using Grid layout.

This is a perfect solution if you would like to fill an entire Gallery page of your website. Make it handy for users to explore the content in your live feed. This layout sets the posts in a grid and users can scroll down the page to see more.

Feature 2: Classic Slider or Carousel presentation

Discover the perfect layout types to place social feed widget as a separate unit on a page and integrate it into your content zone. Integrate the posts into your page space-effective. Choose Slider to draw attention to separate posts; and Carousel – to show more content at a time. Set control type for your visitors to slide through the posts or turn the autoplay option on.

Feature 3: Create Social Wall with Masonry layout

Optimize your website space usage with Masonry layout. It places the cards in optimal position depending on the space available and the size of your widget. Use this layout to create a stand-alone gallery unit right in the content area. You can show more content with less space available.

Feature 4: Familiar Feed organization

Make your widget look resonate with users’ experience by choosing List layout. Create your own endless feed with vertical posts organization and the “Load more” button for a deeper user engagement.

Feature 5: Make accents with Collage layout

This special layout pattern helps you to make certain posts more prominent. Manage the attention of your audience by highlighting feature pictures and making others more subtle. Create a fully functioning gallery section to keep the users engaged, while making them notice the most important and keeping their attention where you need it to be.

Feature 6: Header

You have an option to adjust widget title and write a caption to push your website visitors to a desired target action. Make a minimalistic widget by turning the header off with click on the box, so nothing would interfere with user experience.

Feature 7: Separate the sources

Show your composite social media feed and at the same time let people browse your multiple feeds. Create different social networks’ tabs, keeping the all-in-one tab as the major one. Give the website users an opportunity to watch content from single sources by switching between the tabs.

Feature 8: Follow button to broaden subscribers base

Maximize your social media feed performance on the site to grow your popularity and attract more followers. With Elfsight Social Feed you can place the Follow button on the widget posts. This will turn website visitors to your followers in one click. Develop the community without any investments.

Feature 9: Adjustable sizes to fit in smoothly

Whatever your space requirements are, you can meet them easily. Set the desired widget size in pixels, and the width and height will be adapted automatically to configure optimum proportions. The widget is also equipped with mobile optimization and you can be sure that your content will look fantastic on any device.


Feature 1: Card styles for posts displaying

Elfsight configurator offers 5 ready-to-use templates for your convenience. They feature various text, photo, and author profile picture positions. There’s also a minimalistic template, where nothing would interfere with your visual content. We also feature a unique horizontal card layout, which will definitely draw users attention and keep them engaged.

Feature 2: Customizable elements

Each post has elements that contribute to visitor engagement: author name, author picture, publication date, share icon, source icon or badge, and post text. You also use an autoplay option to start playing video posts as soon as users come across them. All these can be switched on or off by simply clicking on the box in the editor.


Feature 1: Generate optimal color scheme in a few clicks.

After deciding on widget layout and post template, move on to the colors! Start with picking a light or a dark theme. If none of them seems to fit, switch to custom. There you can add a picture as a background of your widget to create an atmosphere. Or just make a gradient fill instead to make your widget look colourful but stylish. Decide on accent color, that would match your existing website design and the chosen color scheme. Change the fonts if needed or keep them classic. That’s it! Creating your individual design is simple and plain like never before.


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