Restaurant Menu Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Menu and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

5 layouts for your convenience

Considering a number of your menus and items, choose a proper layout. If you follow the trend of downsizing menu for better focus on your best dishes, the right variant is a list. For easy navigation through fine dining restaurant items more likely to choose a tab style. A masonry section layout perfectly fits different-size items or images.

Tip: Having a wide range of meals? Choose tab layout both for menu and sections: users will click on titles and find meals and prices much quicker than searching through the whole list.

Columns and width

Column division makes information clear and improve readability. Several columns are easy to read and users won’t spend much time looking for a meal they need. In a case, you don’t have such a great variety of dishes and drinks, as for example in coffeehouse menu – choose only one column. Set any fitting width you need to perfectly embed the widget on your website.

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A vivid title, exciting description and useful info

Add as many items as you need and name them catchy and appetizing way. You can attach a short description of ingredients and even a link to further information if the guest wants to know a bit more. For each meal you can add a price, a nutritional info and badges. The least ones can be used to tell what allergens it could contain or the meal is a new one on your list.

Alluring Images

Ignite the senses with your own tempting dish images, which you can upload just in one click. Each picture can be viewed in popup mode with title and description text below it. Be prepared for a great inflow of visitors who will be eager to try your cuisine!

Layout, popup mode and elements to display

To make a stunning menu with easy-to-read description, pick one of three available layouts and choose which elements you will display right on the list and which of them – as popup elements. In our widget, you can set popup not only for images, but for text elements as well. If you don’t need the mode, just switch it off.


Accent color and scheme

With tools of Elfsight editor you can seamlessly integrate the menu on your website using light, dark or custom colour scheme. Set a matching accent color or change everything, using user-tailored scheme mode.

Repaint all elements to your taste

You have a right to choose what colour your background, any text elements and others details will be. Don’t hesitate and create a unique style of widget gorgeously fitting for your website.

Font size and weight

Set font weight and size for any texts elements, icons and badges in your menu: title, sections, items and many other ones. Emphasize them with uppercase usage or leave default settings, highlight what really matters with an accent color.


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