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Restaurant Menu Examples

Check Restaurant Menu examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1. Restaurant

What to display: appetizers, main course, desserts, salads, lunch, specials, kids menu, wine list.

No more problems to create a complicated menu right on your site the most readable way. Here’s the example for Restaurant Menu. There are 4 types of menu: lunch, dinner, kids menu and drinks, which are all divided in sections according to their types - appetizers, main course, sides and others. The clickable tabs for menus help you visitors to find exact dish they need. For each item, there’s a short description and a price.

Example 2. Fast Food Restaurant

What to display: pizza, burgers, snacks, sides, salads, soft drinks

The fast food restaurant menu is represented here in the most easy-to-view way. There are five most prevalent fast food sections: pizza, burgers, snacks, salads and drinks. Catchy menu icons and delicious food images tell your audience about your variety in the most tempting way. The well-organised structure demonstrates all essential elements such as pricing and main ingredients for each item. If a dish is rather spicy or has other prominent features here are special badges to notify about that. As for pizza and snacks there’s an opportunity to specify the price according to the size.

Example 3. Bar Menu

What to display: cocktails, shots, wine, happy hour, beer, cider, grill, starters.

Here is the Bar Menu example with the most popular sections: cocktails, beer and wine. Each section is divided to display kinds of beverages. Also, menu includes a short list of bar starters. As for offers, happy hour is integrated in the main list to draw users attention. For each menu item there’s a price and short drinks info.

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Example 4. Coffee House

What to display: coffee, flavours, milk shakes, soft drinks, pastry and desserts

Meet a menu for coffee house. A well-structured short list is divided in a couple of columns, providing visitors only with necessary info: coffee kinds and pricing. There’s always opportunity to enrich it with additional food sections, like pastry or desserts.

Example 5. Healthy Restaurant

What to display: eco-ingredients, calories, fat, carbs, proteins, gluten-intolerant, dairy-free, veg products

This is a menu for healthy or eco-friendly restaurant. There’s a neat list, organised in commonly used sections, like bowls, seasonal dishes, sides and soft drinks. To satisfy all requests of target audience, here’s a thorough info they usually need. Each item caption has names of ingredients, nutritional elements (proteins, fats and carbs) and qualified by specific badges, like “vegan” or “gluten-free”.

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