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Radio Player Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Streaming Radio widget and how they can help you create the most effective tool.

Entertain and engage your audience

Provide your visitors with one more source of entertaining and useful information. Construct a widget containing multiple stations dedicated to some topic or music genre. Let your visitors switch between them to find the one that suits best.

Increase time on site

An interesting and alluring audio show can easily catch users’ attention as soon as they enter your web page. Whatever your business type is – music, educational or ecommerce – the Radio Player can be a perfect addition to your content which will make your visitors come back for more and stay on your site longer.

Unlimited number of stations

You can form a playlist that will contain an unlimited number of stations if you need. All you have to do to is to add a link to the radio stream and it will immediately start displaying on the list. Form themed playlists or add only one station – the choice is yours.


Player info

You may construct a standard player containing the image, the title and the station status. Or simply switch these details off to create a minimalistic feature with play button and the volume control only.

Two layouts

There are two layout types available – Embed and Floating. The first one can be featured with a cover image, play and volume button. It is there to attract users’ attention making the widget vivid and alluring. The Floating one makes it possible to place the player anywhere on the page so that it would perfectly fit with your website style.

Show or hide playlist

Your player may contain as many stations as you want. They can be organized in a playlist which you may show or hide by default. Or simply add a playlist button so that your users could decide whether they want to see it or not.


You can turn the autoplay on and set the mood of your audience right after they enter your website. Or let your visitors decide upon the moment they want start listening to the radio you’ve added for them.

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Recolor options to set it perfectly into your web page

Pick background color that will become the perfect match for your website’s design. To make the widget noticeable, change the accent color. Shape eye-catching player in a few clicks!

Dark/light theme

Supply your visitors with a scrumptious player with a dark color scheme. Employ the dark mode to emphasize content and weaken messy interface. Set up a unusual feeling that won’t leave your users uninterested. Light theme is also available for the ones who prefer classic apparel.

Customized color scheme

Supposing you don’t need to choose one of two two themes, we’ve provided you with a possibility to construct your custom-made one. Simply pick the background color or picture and recolor all the player’s components.


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