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PrestaShop QR Code generator
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The QR Code is a remarkable tool allowing you to quickly redirect your visitors to any website, share a link, your location, email, file and many more. The tool is exceedingly customizable: you can add a title, caption, select the most suiting icon and logo type using our library or upload your own, repaint the text, the background, frame and change the widget’s size the way it suits your website. All you need to do is simply start creating the tool – the installation is unsophisticated and won’t require coding skills from you.

Make your site more successful for e-commerce aims with the help of QR Code

These are just several of the many widget features:

  • Instant access to your content
  • A possibility to share URLs, locations, files, social media profiles, and much more
  • Add any text
  • 8 switchable logos
  • A possibility to upload your custom logo
  • 15 swappable icons available
  • Frames to present the code the most telling way
  • Change the size of the code
  • Alter the text size
  • Adjoin a caption

Merely check this demo to get the full idea

How to add QR Code to my PrestaShop site?

Just perform the guidelines below to integrate the widget.

  1. Open our free demo and start shaping your customized widget.
    Determine the suitable form and options of the widget and save the corrections.
  2. Get the personal code popping up in the special form on Elfsight Apps.
    When the customization of your addon is finished, copy the personal code at the appearing popup and keep it for further use.
  3. Initiate employment of the widget on your PrestaShop website.
    Implement the code you’ve copied before in your website and save the corrections.
  4. You’re done! The integration is successfully accomplished.
    Go to your website to review how the widget is running.

On condition of experiencing questions or encountering any complications, please get in touch with our customer service staff. Our consultants will be happy to resolve all the difficulties you may have with the tool.

Is there an option to embed QR Code to my PrestaShop website without coding skills?

Elfsight provides a solution that lets a wide audience generate a QR Code plugin yourself, check how simple the process is: Work in the online Editor to form a QR Code section you would like to embed on the PrestaShop site. Decide on one of the premade templates and adjust the QR Code settings, add your content, alter the layout and color of the elements with no coding skills. Click to save the settings you’ve made to QR Code and copy the widget’s code for installation, that can be pasted in any PrestaShop homepage free of charge. With our user-friendly Configurator any web user can generate a QR Code section and easily include it to any PrestaShop homepage. You mustn’t pay or disclose your card data in order to enter our Editor. If you face any issues of any kind, feel free to contact our technical support team.


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