Website QR Code Examples

Check QR Code examples to reveal the full potential of the generator. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1. Event - Save the date

Make sure your visitors are going to attend your event - let them save its date. The date can be presented as a text or link leading to the page containing the detailed info about the upcoming activity.

Example 2. Get Discount

You can easily boost sales with the help of Elfsight QR Code. Simply add a discount coupon or a link leading to special offers page - your audience won’t miss it.

Example 3. Save my Contact

Make it easier for your audience to get your contact info - phone number, social media accounts, email and more. All you have to do is choose the type of info you’re going to attach to your code.

Example 4. View PDF

If you want to present a fresh research, a book, or any other useful info via PDF file, sharing it with QR code may be the best decision. Don’t forget to add a caption describing what your audience is going to get after scanning the code.

Example 5. Rate us on TripAdvisor

If you care about your rating on TripAdvisor, you may ask your visitors to rate you. Watch your reputation improve quickly!

Example 6. Rate us on Facebook

Redirect your visitors to your Facebook page so that they could rate your business instantly. You can add a CTA icon which will be an unobtrusive hint for them.

Example 7. Rate us on Google

Rating is extremely important for restaurants, bars, hotels and other public places. So make sure your happy customers give you an excellent grades!

Example 8. Get Directions to Location

Make it easier for your audience to find your brick and mortar store. Add locations that can be easily discovered via scanning the code on your website.

Example 9. Send Email

Provide your audience with a quick way of sending an email to you. This code can be placed on Help page so that the visitors of your website could quickly get their questions answered.

Example 10. Call Us

Whatever your business is, some of your clients will definitely want to call to ask some questions or to clarify any details. Give them a chance to dial your number instantly.
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Example 11. Send SMS

In case you holding a contest which terms are supposing your visitors should send you messages, make it easier for them to do it. All they have to do after scanning your code is to press Send button on their phones.

Example 12. Write us in WhatsApp

Adding a contact in messenger usually doesn’t take too much time but still it requires taking some actions. With the help of Elfsight QR code you can make this process much easier.

Example 13. Call via Skype

Looking for someone on Skype may take some time. Help your visitors quickly call you - simply add a link to your Skype account.

Example 14. Join our Wi-Fi

Restaurant, Coffee Shops and other public places owners will definitely appreciate a possibility to share their Wi-Fi with the help of QR Code. No more exhausting explanations!

Example 15. Scan & Pay

Your visitors can make a buying decision much quicker now - the payment will take a few seconds!

Example 16. Get the app

No more searching on App Store or Google Play! Let your users get your app instantly by means of our QR Code widget.

Example 17. Like us on Facebook

Liking a Facebook page has never been so easy. Simply add a link to your FB Page and see the number of likes grow.

Example 18. Follow on Instagram

Get a new subscribers to your account in one of the most popular social media platforms. Simply place the code at a plain sight!

Example 19. Follow on Twitter

Remind everyone you’ve got a Twitter account and turn your website visitors into followers in 1-2-3.

Example 20. Watch YouTube Video

Got an engaging video content for your audience? Redirect them to your YouTube page. The QR code may be a great alternative to a video on your website if you haven’t got a room for it on the page.

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