Line Chat Examples

Check Line Chat examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1. General

Not sure which type to pick? There's a solution! Select this chat box and get the taste of its simplicity: it fully fits any type of web design and makes your support service vivid. Work with colors, theme, bubble and other significant parts, turning it into truly unique feature.

Example 2. Support

The most suiting decision for tech support on your website. With a picture of a team member, your client will be sure that he is chatting with a real person. Moreover, your audience will know how much it takes for a support team member to respond - caption reveals the response time.

Example 3. Sale

Here we see a noticeable and attractive chat box: the header is black and buttons are red. Contrast details help to make the decision easier which will uplevel your sales. How to get more loyal clients? Simply add the manager photo, his name and position on the header and customer won’t doubt he’ll get a valuable advice.

Example 4. Booking

Well-known neat style of booking chat box motivates your visitors to ask as many questions as they want. All messenger buttons assist them to use your service instantly. Helpful Start Chat button is noticeable and can be personalized according to your needs.

Example 5. Feedback

It is highly important to any business owner to get users' opinion about their products or services. Applying floating bubble position and catchy design, you won’t miss an opportunity to acquire a real thoughts on your work and use the most positive testimonials for your business promotion.
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Example 6. Onboarding

How to draw your potential customers without irritating them with calls and requests? Help them to get to know you better using the chat box! Now your users can easily find the needed info on your services or products. Attractive Start Chat Button is bright purple - they won’t miss it!

Example 7. Consultation

Here’s a good example client consultation about your offers in the most effective way. A welcome message and bright yellow messenger buttons invite to start the conversation. Grant your users with the service details in considerable and unobtrusive way.

Example 8. Embed Chat Button

Do you need to embed your chat into the content zone of your site? Pick the Embed Chat Button - a tiny icon will fit with any design and layout. By clicking on it, clients will see chat person’s name and the welcome message.

Example 9. Embed Chat Window

You can integrate the widget at any place of the page you've picked. It won’t irritate your customers as they can scroll it. In case they need, users can easily find the chat window and ask all questions they've got.

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