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Best Sports Website Builder

How to create a Sports website from the scratch or upgrade the one you’ve already built on the basis of any CMS or website builder

Step 1

Decide upon your prospective website tasks

Every single website is a solution of some particular roadblock and has a core audience. For a start, it is important to state all the tasks you are going to to cover. Most times, sports sites are intended on having the following elements: 

Let visitors find you with no effort

By embedding an informative map to your website you’ll help your visitors easily find the stadium or other venue of the competition
Let visitors find you with no effort

Provide an easy way to buy tickets

Give users the ability to buy tickets in just a couple of clicks by adding a convenient QR code directly to your sports website
Provide an easy way to buy tickets

Present your team

People usually want to know more about the members of the sports team they root for. Provide them with photos, meaningful quotes and more
Present your team

Let users experience bright moments again

Add recordings of the most impressive events to the site so that users can review them and remember their experiences
Let users experience bright moments again

Step 2

Choose a website platform

All websites are created on the bedrock of some platform – for example, a site builder. They meet the cases of almost everyone as they make it much easier to construct your own site without programming. Most of the time it’s much cheaper to apply to a site builder than hire a proficient software engineer. You can start with selecting the most suiting builder from an array below, then select a template for your prospective sports website – and you’re halfway through! 


Create your own sports website employing a responsive readymade Squarespace template.


Make your delightful Sports website employing a flexible premade WordPress template.


Form your highly professional Sports website applying adaptable readymade Wix templates.

Overall ratings

Form your flawless website utilizing the best site builders. Using the comparison table below, you can look over the necessary characteristics of the platforms and select the one that entirely fits your needs for the coming website.

Free Plantrialfreefree
*limited functionality
Paid From (mo.)$12.00free$13
Overall4.4 out of 54.3 out of 54.2 out of 5
Quality of Support
Ease of Setup8.88.17.9
* most are paid
Our widgets
for Platforms
Widget ListPlugin CatalogApp library
All the info has been obtained from the publicly available sources. Elfsight does not bear the responsibility for reliability of the info presented. On condition of facing any inconsistencies, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Just as you choose a Website Builder for making a Sports website, always draw attention to take notice of website performance and good value for money. Use a trial period or free sports website builder version to look into the platform. This is the only way to reveal if the website builder is really as conductive and useful as they describe it.

Step 3

Sports website examples

Check an array of well-known Sports templates. They all have peculiar structure, elements and design. Decide upon the most relevant Sports design ideas for your motivation.

Example 1: Sports Blog & Podcast website

This is a multipurpose template that’s a wonderful idea to get your brand glow! Accompanied by a couple widgets, it will definitely assist you stand out against your business rivals.

Example 2: Sports Fanclub website

In case you’re in a search of a perfect starting point, employ this smooth, yet very efficient business template. Embed some of our widgets to improve its overall look and functionality and commence evolving your business right away.

Example 3: Sports Gear website

Using this template, you’ll unquestionably add a face for your company! The page has bright colors without being weighed down and makes it easy to understand what the site is referring to.

Step 4

Fill in your sports site

When you’ve picked your website platform and a suiting template, it’s time to construct your site pages to fill them with content and plugins to supply all the needs from STEP 1. In most instances, a website has the following pages: 

Homepage →

This is the first page users see when they come to your website. You can place your calendar here so that users could see all the upcoming matches right away. Also, this page should provide your audience with all the latest updates and news, scores and links to other important areas of the website.

Schedule →

Here all the info about your events should be placed. Tell users when and where the next sports match will be held and how they can get there. Also, provide them with all the necessary stats about the tickets.

Team  →

Sports teams tend to be dynamic structures – they can change a lot due to various reasons – from retirement to injury. Let your fans be aware of all the changes that occur to the team with the help of this section.

Gallery →

In the life of each team there are both victories and defeats. Undoubtedly, all these are bright moments, so we advise you to create a gallery of photos and videos reflecting the team’s progress. Let the fans relive these flashy moments with you again.

Contacts →

Every fan and sports organization wants to keep in touch with a popular team. And your goal is to make the communication smooth and effortless. Make sure your contact info is easy to find on site. Give all your emails, phone numbers, social media profiles and physical address. 

Step 5

Test and launch

Before your site gets off the ground, you have to confirm everything works routinely. Our useful checklist will help you not to let through a single significant step. 

  • Test your mobile efficiency.

    Now it’s highly important that your website works and looks great on mobile devices as more than half of your users will open it with their smartphones.

  • Adjoin your logo.

    If you still haven’t got one, produce it making use of a logo generator, like, Tailor Brands.

  • Connect your domain.

    In case you haven’t got it while using the site builder, you might want to buy it separately. Use GoDaddy to begin with.

  • Check the functionality

    All carousels, pop-ups, CTAs or social media buttons should work in a proper manner, otherwise, users will leave your site hurryingly.

  • Announce your new site launch on social media.

    Change the online visitors into real customers. Attach a link to your website to your social networks accounts so that your followers could see it.

  • Done! 🏆

    Congratulations! You’re a site owner. Now share the link to your website with friends and clients and start collecting the feedback – it will help you to attract more visitors. And don’t stop developing your content and performance to reach even greater success.

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