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Button Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Button and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Link to some page

Your button can be used as a link to some page – no matter if it’s on your website or not. Redirect your audience to the shopping cart, to some landing page, to the checkout page or anywhere you need to fulfill your tasks.

Call us option

Call us button is an essential part of any online store! All you need to create such an element is to add your phone number in the special section in our Configurator and your audience will get a quick way to contact you directly.

Chat via popular messengers

Regardless of what goal you are pursuing – to make sales in chat, organize a support channel or answer questions, you have such an opportunity! By clicking on the Button, users will be able to chat with you in WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype.

Follow on social media

Our new Button widget can also be used to increase the number of followers on your social media accounts. All you have to do is to enter your page URL or username in the Configurator and see your fanbase on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok or Twitter grow rapidly.

Send an email

Your button can become a great way of growing your email list. Simply enter your email address in our configurator, and your audience will get an opportunity to send you a message as soon as they click a button on your website.


Create an eye-catching label

One of the most important elements of the CTA button is its message. And we’ve provided you with awesome tools to make it vivid and remarkable. The button label can take even two lines instead of one so that you could make your message stand out. The text colors can be changed as well as fonts and size. As soon as you change the text’s size all the other elements will be adjusted accordingly.

Content around button

In case you need your button to deliver a more clear message to your audience there’s always a chance to do it through the agency of the content around it. You are free to add text above and below your button. This text can be customised as well as label – you can alter its color, fonts and size.

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Two types of button positioning

We offer you two ways of placing your button on your website’s pages. First one is the Embedded type – using it, you’ll create a fixed button that will become a noticeable CTA element of the page. The Floating type offers you eight ways of button placement – you can put in in the right or left corner of your website, in the bottom or in the top – anywhere it suits you.


Create a button that’ll become an impeccable addition to your website

It doesn’t matter now if you’ve got designer skills – our smart configurator can literally do the job for you! All you’re up to is to choose the main color of your button and other elements will be automatically adjusted to match it. But if you want to do it yourself, there are tons of ways to style the button. Choose whether it’ll be filled or outlined, select the colors on hover, pick the most suitable fonts, add shadows and find the most appropriate corner radius. Don’t forget to mark the padding and choose the colors and fonts for the content around the button.


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