InstaShow Version 1.7.0 – Loop Gallery Option, Debug Mode and More

We always listen to our customers in order to update our Premium Instagram Feed and to improve its functionality. New features and advanced performance are already here in the latest version 1.7.0 of InstaShow!
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InstaShow Version 1.7.0 – Loop Gallery Option, Debug Mode and More

InstaShow 1.7.0 Change Log

We’ve updated all versions of Instagram Feed Widget with new features and options, which makes functionality better. The newest version has the following add-ons:

  • Loop gallery option
  • Debug mode
  • Description links in plain-text converting to HTML tags
  • Experimental option to support high-resolution images (1080×1080)
  • Gallery arrows active effect

We’ve also made some changes in the plugin, namely:

  • Second page loading on initialization prevented
  • Don’t show error messages by default
  • Error messages text
  • Don’t hide video marker in the gallery on media hover

Moreover, several issues were fixed:

  • Source uppercase bug
  • Video in popup starts playing on description click
  • Popup image width bug
  • Arrows blinking during loading

Let’s head towards the detailed description of new features so that you can easily check out new advantages of our Instagram Feed.

Loop Gallery Option

The new feature, which lots of our customers with embed Instagram were waiting for! The name “Loop” speaks for itself. Your audience might quickly reach the last of Instagram photos in the feed. Turn this option on and you will get an infinite Instagram gallery.

Loop gallery option is a simple and convenient solution, which improves the viewing process for web guests. After updating your feed, this option will be enabled by default.

Now it doesn’t matter how many photos you have in your feed. InstaShow starts showing all images from the very beginning each time the Instagram feed comes to an end.

Debug Mode

What if something went wrong in your Instagram feed? In this case, it will display an error of some kind on screens of your website audience. For example, the plugin can show the following message: Option ”source” is invalid. See details in docs. It will look like the next image.

Instagram Feed Bug
Example of an error message in the Instagram Feed

Forget about it. After updating Instagram Feed to the latest version 1.7.0 error messages won’t disturb anyone because your audience won’t see anything that relates to the incorrect functioning. In addition, if the feed doesn’t work properly, then it will stay hidden for your audience until corrections are done.

We’ve also added a special debug mode, which allows you to show error messages. The debug mode is disabled by default. In order to show error messages you can turn on the mode manually. During the adjustment of the plugin, the debug mode is enabled in the shortcode generator so that you can see any issue.

Converting Description Links in Plain-Text to HTML Tags

It’s a well-known fact that Instagram restrains the use of external links in any post. Even if you add a link to your photo, it will be displayed as a text and no one will be able to interact with the link. We decided to change the settled situation.

The newest version of InstaShow will make all your links in photo descriptions active for web guests. So if you want to promote links using Instagram, maybe it’s the right time to start. Insert a link, update our plugin and here you go!

Instagram Active Link

InstaShow makes all links in your photo descriptions active

High-Resolution Images Support

One more important addition in the Instagram feed. As we strive to implement all relevant innovations, we can’t get past this feature. Instagram supports high-resolution images and so does our plugin.

If your Instagram feed includes high-resolution images and you turn on the new feature then they will be displayed in the proper resolution in popup. It means that your web guests will be able to look at the feed in a new fashion and enjoy amazing photos.

It’s an experimental feature because it was implemented using Instagram API functions, which are not documented. We can’t guarantee that it will run properly all the time.

Gallery Arrows Active Effect

We’ve also added a new visual effect to the Instagram feed arrows when you want to shift pages of the grid. It makes browsing more convenient and native and it also looks cool!

Get Your Latest Version of InstaShow

There are tons of work behind each update. We strive to create the best Instagram Feed, which will meet any requirement. Our latest version is only one of further updates. There are still many features, which we are going to implement in further updates.

Check your InstaShow and be sure to use the latest version!

Don’t forget to leave comments about your thoughts concerning this update and our product as a whole. Moreover, if you have any idea what should be improved in InstaShow, then submit a ticket in Elfsight Support Center. We will consider them and get in touch with you.

We do our best to deliver the great-performing Instagram Feed 😉

Instagram Feed InstaShow Preview