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How to Use Elfsight Apps: Welcoming Tutorial to Master Our Service

Our team launched a new cloud-based service not so long ago. So we think it’s time to publish a comprehensive manual for Elfsight Apps. After you registered and got $5 bonus, there are just a few steps to complete. Our article will uncover all of them. There is nothing difficult, believe us.
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How to Use Elfsight Apps: Welcoming Tutorial to Master Our Service

Comprehensive Video Guide

We’ve prepared a tutorial on our YouTube channel so that you can view how Elfsight Apps performs in reality. Please, turn on subtitles as they will help you understand better this video!
Moreover, if you’d like to get more detailed instructions, scroll the page. All tabs and features are also shown below.

Take a Look Around

You will find all required sections to manage Elfsight Apps in the left menu:
  • Dashboard Contains the complete information about your installs and transactions. It shows what apps you use, where they are installed and total daily fee. Moreover, our service calculates how many days left before you spend the current balance. Thus, it’s very easy to control your charges. In case your balance is almost in the red, click “Make Deposit” and you will be redirected to the appropriate section.
Elfsight Apps Dashboard
Elfsight Apps Dashboard
  • Applications Here you will find the library of all Elfsight applications available at the moment. Check any product, create your widget and finally manage installed apps in one place. This section also shows what daily expenses for each product you have, how many widgets and sites you set up.
Elfsight Apps Applications
Elfsight Apps Applications
  • Make a Deposit You can make a deposit from this page with the help of a PayPal account. Choose the preferred deposit – our service will show how many days of usage you get based on your actual daily fee. There is a surprise for our users! Almost all deposits will present you additional Elfsight credits (up to 25% of your funds). Their durations are also limited depending on the amount of your deposit. By registering you will get a $5 bonus. It’s duration is 14 days. Even if you haven’t yet make a deposit and your bonus expires, all your widgets will stay in Elfsight admin panel. Renew your balance anytime and widgets will continue working for you.
Elfsight Apps Deposit
Elfsight Apps Deposit
  • Support In case you need help, this page will come in handy. You will find terms and contacts for the fastest and most effective support from our team.
Elfsight Support Center
Elfsight Apps Support
  • Feedback We’d like to provide you with the best service there is. And we can’t manage it without your help. Participate in our survey so that we can know what you like and what should be changed. We love giving presents. That’s why after completing the form, you will get a pleasant bonus – $1 Elfsight credits.
Elfsight Apps Feedback
Elfsight Apps Feedback
Moreover, pay attention to the header in your admin panel. There you will find the current balance. Click it in order to make a deposit. You can also edit your profile by tapping on your email.

Get Your Power-Ups

The most important thing in our service is to customize and install an app. Go to “Applications” sections, decide what app you’d like to set up on a site and press “Create Widget”. Right now you can find 3 plugins at Elfsight Apps:
  • InstaShow Instagram feed that adds eye-catching photo galleries and engages your audience. Price: $0.09/day
  • Yottie YouTube channel plugin for showing numerous videos from any channel and playlist. Price: $0.09/day
  • InstaLink Instagram widget that is able to promote your social profile on a website. Price: $0.07/day
Have you chosen the widget? Now you can customize it as you want. All our apps are responsive and flexible so you will be able to select parameters that meet your requirements. Apply adjustments by clicking “Save” button.
Elfsight Apps Customization
Customize your widget and save settings
Great! The one more part is to enter your website’s domain so as to use the application. Set the URL and you will get a code that is a key point for installing it on your site.
Elfsight Apps Site Domain
Add your website to Elfsight Apps
After that a new pop-up window will appear. There you can find an HTML code that can be used on the website stated in the previous step. Just find “Click to Copy” button, copy the code and proceed to your site. By the way, we offer you a free installation service in case you face some issue during installation.
Elfsight Apps Installation Code
Use your code to install widgets on a website
By the way, if you’d like to learn more about any product before its installation then press on a logo or preview picture. There you will find a detailed description and online demo to check all features before installing Elfsight product.

Manage Your Apps

After you installed the app, you are still in charge of all staff in your admin panel. Go to “Application” section. There you are able to manage your widgets. Choose the proper app and press “Manage”. In the new window you will see the following tabs:
  • Widgets All unique widgets that you created. Please, note that you can use as many unique widgets for one site as you want without an increase in your daily fee. The fee depends only on the number of domains and apps you use. If you need the installation code for one of your existing widgets, just click “Get Code”. A pop-up window will appear with the needed element. You have also three actions for each widget: Edit (in this case, all changes will be automatically applied to the widget on your site), Duplicate and Remove.
Elfsight Apps Manage Widgets
Manage your widgets
  • Installs This tab shows on what sites the chosen plugin is functioning. If you have several websites that contains one of Elfsight apps, you will be charged for each website. Yep, you can add more sites if it’s needed. Press “Add Website” and set new URL. You can easily remove any site from the installs list. By doing so, the daily fee will be immediately recalculated.
Elfsight Apps Installs
Your installs at Elfsight Apps
  • Description Check out online demo how potential changes would affect the existing widget.
Elfsight Apps Description
Elfsight Apps Description

Successful Result

There you go! Now you know every aspect of Elfsight Apps service. All solutions are fully functional and ready for a tough work. Create entertaining widgets and make your website more powerful.
Register and Get $5 Bonus!
If you face any difficulties while using our service then our Help Center is here to help you! We update constantly how-to articles and videos so that you can easily install apps on any site and platform. And of course, you can always write us about issues through Elfsight Support Center. Submit a ticket and our professionals will respond to your request and eliminate any malfunction 😉
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