How to display Facebook Page and Profile on a website?


Since the Facebook scandal, erupted over personal data mishandling, Facebook API has been constantly changing and updating. Almost every week, apps and plugins using this API including Facebook Feed widget face performance problems.

Therefore, we have developed a 100% working solution to display a Facebook page or profile on your website, that will not be affected by constant changes.

UPD: Based on the changes in Facebook policy, Facebook profiles display was temporarily deprecated. As soon as the feature is recovered, it will be supported by our plugin. For more details, please contact customer support.

Video tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial on how to add Facebook page or profile to website

So, to integrate your Facebook page into your website, you need to meet only one condition – you need to be the administrator of the page which you would like to display on the site.

1. Add a new app in Facebook for developers

Follow the link and add a new app.
Add a new Facebook developers app

2. Create a new app ID

Enter Display name, Contact email and then press Create App ID button.
Create a new Facebook App ID

3. Choose your app in Graph API Explorer

Go to and replace Graph API Expolrer with the app you’ve created.
Choose your app in Graph API Explorer

4. Get your User Access Token

Press Get Token and select Get User Access Token.
Get your User Access Token

5. Select permissions for your Facebook Access Token

Check the required options on the popup window.

To display your Facebook page on a website choose:

  • manage_pages
Permissions to display your Facebook page
To display your Facebook page choose only «manage_pages»

To display your Facebook profile on a website choose:

  • user_likes
  • user_photos
  • user_posts
  • user_status
  • user_videos
  • user_managed_groups
Permissions to display your Facebook profile
To display your Facebook profile choose the permissions stated above
Confirm all the requests.

6. Open in Access Token Tool

Click Info icon next to the token and Open in «Access Token Tool» button.
Open in Access Token Tool

7. Extend Access Token

Press Extend Access Token.
Extend Facebook Access Token
Important: Facebook Access Token is valid only for two months, so make sure you take all these steps again in two months, to get a new access token.

8. Copy your Facebook Access Token

Select the whole Access Token and copy it.
Copy Facebook Access Token

9. Insert your token in a Facebook Feed to get attractive widget!

Fill in Facebook User Access Token field and set your Facebook page URL or ID below. After widget adjustment, press Join to install to get a code for easy adding to your website.