How to Add SoundCloud Link to Instagram Bio

In this article, let us show the best options for adding SoundCloud links in Instagram bio. While there are diverse ways of doing this, the information mentioned below represents some clear tricks to do it effectively.
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How to Add SoundCloud Link to Instagram Bio

Are you using SoundCloud to promote yourself as a music creator? Then expanding your reach across the net and social media is definitely worth the efforts and money invested. If you consider placing Soundcloud links on Instagram feed Bio or stories, let us show you some options of how it’s done.

A Free Tool To Add SoundCloud Links In Instagram Bio

Here is a straightforward guide on how to create an interactive Audio Playlist with your SoundCloud tracks and share it via link on Instagram Bio:

  1. Register a free account at the Elfsight service and choose the Audio Player app in the Catalogue.
  2. First, pick a template that feels suitable. Note that it can be adjusted according to your needs. Click Continue with this template.
    how to add soundcloud link to instagram bio
  3. In the content tab you’ll see the list of tracks. Press Add and in the opening menu click on the Upload button.
    how to add soundcloud link to instagram bio
  4. In the opening window switch to the URL tab and put the link to your SoundCloud track there. This way you can add as many tracks as you like to make a perfect playlist for sharing.
    how to add soundcloud link to instagram bio
  5. When you’re done, press Add to website. Then switch to Share Link and copy the URL that appears in the popup.
  6. Now proceed to Instagram app to add the link there (see the guide below)

You can try the App’s functionality yourself in a Live Demo right now!

The benefits you get when you choose Elfsight:

  • Fully compatible with any  screen size (supports mobile view) 
  • Extensive settings to create a listing of tracks for any use case 
  • Fully customizable theme options and color schemes 
  • Used in Bio of personal blogs and professional artists of any scale

How to Get a SoundCloud Link for Sharing

If you are a creator sharing your musical work on SoundCloud, then two major use cases for you promoting at Instagram would be to share a link at your profile bio or to the playlist of your songs. Let’s find out how you can get the appropriate addresses.

  1. To get a link to your SoundCloud channel, you should visit your profile page there and find the Share button or go to the account settings. Then you’ll see the generated URL there in the format:
  2. The process is pretty much the same if we talk about linking your tracks. You can find the recording and click on the Share button. Or you can find the SoundCloud link to a track when editing or uploading it. To form a playlist, see the guide above.

How To Add SoundCloud Link In Bio On Instagram

Now when you have the SoundCloud link and are ready to put it to Instagram, look through a brief guide below.

Although you should note that since the last update, users can only do this through the mobile app UI. This option is currently prohibited on the site.

Indeed, inserting or updating the link in your Instagram bio is pretty easy and intuitive. Here’s how:

  1. Open the app and go to your account. Find the Edit Profile button there and Tap on it.
  2. Then you’ll see the Add Link option.
  3. There’ll be 2 buttons, choose the External Link option.
  4. Paste the address you’ve copied in the URL field. You can also write a caption for it in the title field or leave it empty.
  5. Tap on the Tick above to save the changes.

That’s it! You have put a SoundCloud link in your Instagram Bio description.

how to add SoundCloud link to Instagram bio
how to add SoundCloud link to Instagram bio

Best Link in Bio SoundCloud Templates for Instagram

Below, we’ll describe the trending SoundCloud player examples that are often used for posting on Instagram Bio at profiles via a link. These are suitable for various use cases and accounts – personal or professional. The app is adapted automatically to the screen size and looks good on mobiles.

SoundCloud Album

This template lets you present your new album or collection of SoundCloud tracks in the most attractive and convenient way. You can arrange the tracks in the required order, upload the cover picture and background image for a better look.

share SoundCloud album on Instagram link in bio

SoundCloud Audiobook

If you’ve created an audiobook or series of audio recordings on some topic, then this template is perfect for you. It features a convenient interface for users, easy navigation and customization.

share SoundCloud tracks on Instagram link in bio

SoundCloud Playlist

This playlist template suits for putting up miscellaneous playlists with an unlimited number of tracks. You can gather various SoundCloud tracks via links, upload the pictures for them, and change the interface according to your taste.

share SoundCloud playlist on Instagram link in bio

SoundCloud Thematic Playlist

This beautiful template is suitable for various kinds of music or audio recordings. It can be easily adjusted for any genre and purpose, just upload your tracks via SoundCloud links, change the background image, and customize the player itself if needed.

share SoundCloud playlist on Instagram link in bio


Why Is The Soundcloud Link In My Instagram Bio Not Clickable?

The most common reason why your link is not clickable, is because you’ve pasted it to the wrong field of your Instagram profile. You should look for the dedicated URL field and not put it right to the profile bio box.

Although it is commonly called a Link in Bio by Instagram audience and is also displayed as a part of the Biography section, it is not pasted there. In order for your web address to be interactive, look through our guide above to learn where you can find the Website field of your profile.

If it’s not clickable in a story, then it has probably been blocked.

The content added to the Biography section can not be clickable, unless you put Hashtags and other profile Mentions.

Why is SoundCloud Link In Instagram Bio Not Working?

There may be several reasons why your URL on Instagram stopped being available or is not working in a profile bio or story. First, you need to check whether your third-party tool building service works fine, if you use one. Sometimes, these services stop their operation and this is the reason why your URL is not working. Then, make sure you’ve put the URL to the right section of your profile (see our guide above). 

Other things to try if a web address is not working are updating your app, clearing cache, or reporting a bug if nothing else helps. Also, Instagram blocks some types of web addresses and they may stop working as well. They consider these to be inappropriate for the platform audience. If this is the case, you’ll receive the message from Instagram “Link not allowed”.

Here is a general list of types and examples of URLs blocked in posts and sometimes stories:

  1. It does not allow explicit content. 
  2. Shortened links like bitly are prohibited. 
  3. The platform always blocks domains with its name misspellings. 
  4. Sometimes Instagram blocks affiliate URLs. 
  5.  Instagram tends to block Etsy shop addresses.
  6. Snapchat and Telegram URLS are not allowed.
  7. A bad network connection can be the cause of the “Link not allowed” error.


Sharing a single link to a SoundCloud profile or track on Instagram Bio description or story is quite easy and any internet user can do it in a few minutes. But we first recommend you to analyse your use case and the aims you are trying to achieve this way. 

This might be a strategy for expanding your recognition, reaching out to the audience outside SoundCloud, sharing and promoting your musical work, and attracting more potential fans. As you pick your aim or decide on several points, you should look for free or paid tools you might need, because Instagram interface is rather limited when it comes to link sharing.

It usually seems challenging at the beginning, so we offer you to register a free account at Elfsight to check the options our Audio Player app offers and create your listing of SoundCloud tracks.

Also, keep in mind that we’ve got other awesome guides, for example, you can find out how to embed google business reviews on website!