Why is my Facebook Feed widget not working?

Facebook feed has become one of the most popular tools for websites. If you ever came across any problems with it on your site, this article is for you. Here we have compiled a number of the most frequent problems with Facebook widget and shared possible solutions for each one.
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Why is my Facebook Feed widget not working?

The most common failures of Facebook widget on a website

Based on our experience and customer interaction, we have come up with five most common problems that happen to Facebook feed on a website and provided quick and easy steps that you need to take in order to resume the work of your widget.

My Facebook Feed is not working

My Facebook widget doesn’t appear on the site. What is wrong?
  • If you see your widget in the preview, but it isn’t there on the site, this should be due to a conflict with website styles. Make sure nothing prevents displaying of the widget.

Facebook widget is not updating

My widget is not updating. What should I do?
  • Probably, this is due to cache updating interval being not over. For standalone plugins, it takes 3 hours, while cloud versions take 6 hours to update the cache. Double check your widget in a couple of hours to see if updates are there.
  • If the first step didn’t help, that may mean you have a problem with API. If you use WordPress variant of the feed, make sure that it is updated to the latest version.
  • If none of that helps, address customer support service. For example, Elfsight Facebook feed users get professional help with any kind of issues.

Facebook feed is not showing

My Facebook news feed is not showing on the site. How can I fix it?
  • First of all, check if the source is correct and available. Make sure that you use a public page, not a profile or group page. According to Facebook policy, profiles or group pages are not allowed to be used in feed.
  • If you are not sure how to enter your source correctly, enter its ID. You can find out your Facebook page ID using the link to your page on the following service randomtools.io.
  • If you are using a standalone WordPress Facebook feed and your source is correct, then check if API requests return code 200. This can be done in the error console of your browser, on Network tab.
  • If the above steps don’t help, make an inquiry to your client support service.

Shared posts from Facebook don’t appear on the site

The posts that I shared on my page don’t appear in the feed on my site. What can I do?
  • There isn’t much that you can do about it. For the reason of personal data protection, you can only show your own posts via the feed.
“Shared posts are no longer available for demonstrating due to changes in the privacy policy of Facebook.”

Facebook feed widget is not responsive

I fail to apply customization to my Facebook widget. What is wrong?
  • Try to set “auto” widget width and check it once again. This simple step helps in most of the cases.

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