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Announcing New Widget Editor for Elfsight Apps: New Clean UI and More

We continue developing our cloud-based service Elfsight Apps. Now our team is pleased to present you an absolutely new widget editor! It will improve plugin’s customization process and make the adjustment much clearer.
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Announcing New Widget Editor for Elfsight Apps: New Clean UI and More
The editor that gained an update plays a key role in creating plugins. For now, the ability to edit and save settings in any of our plugins became a lot easier. Be sure that you can complete setup process in a short period of time.

Why We Created New Editor

As we are going to release more products for our service, our goal is to give the best user experience in your Elfsight admin panel. Thus, the first step was to create the universal widget editor. We listed these requirements for such editor:
  • It should be super clean and easy-to-use
  • Fit any of our existing and future products
  • User should like it at first sight
As a result, now we are ready to say it loud that the widget editor v 2.0 is already on board. It is presented with all capabilities and features in Elfsight admin panel. So if you are currently using our service, check it anytime you are going to make changes in existing widgets or to create new ones.
The new editor is already available at Elfsight Apps
Concerning the overall user interface, we divided the editor into 2 main working areas: settings area and live preview of how your widget looks at the moment. But that’s not all changes! Read more about what was improved below.

What’s New in Editor 2.0

For now, when you press “Create Widget” or “Manage” our widget editor opens at a full window size. Thus, it will be more comfortable to operate with all controls and parameters.
Elfsight Apps Widget Editor
Settings area is identical in every widget and it contains four major tabs:
  • Source The main tab that you will use, whether you like it or not. Just kidding! And yet you will definitely use this tab to display what you want in the chosen widget.
  • Layout It’s a set of parameters that let you set up the overall appearance of the widget. Change sizes, tune up animation effects or manage UI elements – you can do all of this and even more!
  • Colors Change colors of various design elements to create a unique widget on your website.
  • Other Depending on the chosen widget, here you will find settings that relate specifically to it. Let’s say these are “Super Moves” that will add more coolness or functionality… Or all at once.
Moreover, all features were split into functional groups. As a result, we eliminate the problem when the big amount of features could confuse users. For example, “Grid” group contains all column and rows settings, “Navigation” group – UI controls and so on. Yet we’ve just started and there is more to come!

What’s Next

There are improvements that we are planning to apply very soon. Meanwhile, not all controls are made. But their more handy versions are in development. We will also add sliders for changing parameters in the near future and more. Oh, we’ve got a little secret that we’d like to share with you as soon as possible! So stay tuned to our blog and social accounts to be the first one to know about new awesome announcement.

We Need Your Feedback

So what do you think about our new editor? Let us know your opinion in comments below. If you face some problems, you can always find a way out by writing us via email [email protected]. It’s cool to have an alternative, so you can also submit a ticket at our Support Center. Our developers will solve your issue anyway 😉 Hey! Don’t forget that you can always leave a feedback and earn additional $1 Elfsight Credit. Just fill our brief survey in your admin panel – you will get a nice present and we will get a precious information that helps us further improve Elfsight Apps.
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