Banner Examples

Check Banner examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1. Simple banner

This simple banner contains a background image accompanied by a simple CTA button promoting a recent discount. Clean and smooth solution.

Example 2. Vertical

This vertical banner with an attractive background image will be a great addition to your sidebar. Promote your offers with ease!

Example 3. Video background

Here’s an example of a simple yet compelling banner with a video background that grabs attention as soon as a user sees it.

Example 4. Right image

This banner stands out for its non-standard image placement. The accent color of the button stands out but complements the design beautifully.

Example 5. Social Media

A great way to attract new followers to your social media is to add colorful buttons to your vertical banner! Subscribing has never been easier.
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Example 6. Webinar Announcement

A banner can not only be a call to action, but also a highly informative element containing all the details necessary for users. They just have to decide if it is convenient for them to use your application.

Example 7. Product

And here you can see a great example of a banner for promoting a wide variety of product categories. Just choose a gradient fill, add an image and text describing the available sizes, and before you even blink, your product will be sold out right there!

Example 8. New Restaurant Menu

Do you want everyone to see your updated restaurant menu for sure? Use a bright green background then and an eye-catching image!

Example 9. Travel Discount

For those who are in the travel business, this banner with a dreamy background image and an unobtrusive call to action can be a great inspiration.

Example 10. Little Banner

If you can't afford to set aside a lot of space on your website for a full-fledged banner, then this example is for you. All you need is a vibrant background color and a compelling call to action!

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