Announcement Bar Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Announcement Bar and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Bring maximum attention to your announcements

Your announcement bar will be impossible to miss or ignore with its various scenarios for positioning and customization. Add easily adjustable announcements to keep the audience well informed, thus boosting loyalty and awareness of your business.

Embed visible, yet non-intrusive messages

Form noticeable announcements, by adjusting clickability, style and layout of visual elements. With the widget, you can ensure adaptive popup and set closing options for the announcement, in order to maintain pleasant navigation for visitors.

Spread important updates and information

Be sure that our static or sticky bar will manage to reach every visitor. You will be able to announce changes, events or launches of new products resulting in immediate increase in involvement and awareness.

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Increase sales of required positions

You can promptly announce a sale for certain goods or categories of products. If you wish to have better sales rates of an item, just attract attention to it with an encouraging discount coupon on your announcement bar.

Get your events more visited

Organizing online webinars or on-spot events, provide brief details in the announcement in advance. You can significantly improve participation and involvement of the audience when they have time to put your event into their schedule.

Inform the customers about new products and updates

You can use the announcement bar to promote launches of new products. This way the visitors may want to see what’s new and, above all, will be able to monitor your development. Don’t hesitate to use the bar to announce updates for the older products and services as well.


Adjust the widget to match your brand colors and styles

The announcement bar won’t look like a third-party advertisement, since you can adjust the style of all the elements to blend with your company’s fonts and colors. Modify texts, buttons, icons and badges to ensure a pleasant appearance on your website.

Go further with Custom CSS opportunities

You can proceed with genuine optimization of the widget for your website pages. using the Custom CSS editor, it is possible to change the announcement bar widget into a natural element of the website. This option enables you with more chances to be creative and accurate.


19 ready-to-use announcement templates

For a smooth start, we provide you with template ideas on forming an announcement bar. Explore the templates and create a custom widget, using the flexible settings we enabled this widget with.

Desktop and mobile customization

You can be sure that your announcement bar widget is readable on any device. People using smartphones will see your announcement just as well as PC desktop users.

Tech-free widget customization

You can influence all of the widget’s settings without any coding skills. The changes that you make happen directly in the creator menu, while the adjustments are intuitive for users with no particular knowledge of website building.


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