Announcement Bar Examples

Check Announcement Bar examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1. Sale Announcement Bar

Reward the users who visit the website on the correct dates. Use this bar as an urgent approach to boost purchasing of desired goods. You can improve sales rates of one product or a whole section of your stock.

Example 2. New Product Announcement Bar

Let everyone know about your launch and development news in the quickest way possible. You will bring maximum attention to your new product or service by announcing it in the visible area.

Example 3. New Store Announcement Bar

When it comes to on-spot stores, notify your customers about opening a new selling point. This way you not only attract new shoppers, but possibly provide the old ones with better logistics opportunities.

Example 4. Free Shipping Announcement Bar

Paying no extra fees is always inspiring when making a purchase. In this example we can see how you can easily save money for your customers promoting free shipping. Since people don’t like to pay for something apart from their order, it can motivate them to purchase.

Example 5. News Announcement Bar

Using the bar as a news teller can be convenient for those websites that don’t have the News section. Otherwise, you can invite people to read your news feed or bring attention to the most important latest updates.
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Example 6. Update Announcement Bar

Elfsight constantly updates its products. Is it also the case for your business? Great! You can tell the customers about updates, fixes or improvements made to a certain product or category. It is also a good way to remind people about your older products.

Example 7. Black Friday Sale Announcement

Don’t miss the opportunity to announce a grand sale on Black Friday. This is a perfect time to set discounts on certain categories of products and show your involvement in such events.

Example 8. Christmas Sale Announcement

We are pretty sure you won’t leave your customers without discounts and bonuses for Christmas. So, why not tell them about the Christmas sale in a beautiful and festive way? People tend to shop in this period of time and you can help them choose your products as gifts for their beloved ones.

Example 9. Discount Coupon Announcement Bar

You can benefit from various events and customer behavior peculiarities to boost sales. Just put a coupon into your announcement bar to make purchasing more active. A coupon is often treated as a personal offer to get a better price.

Example 10. Event Announcement Bar

Increase participation in your events by announcing an upcoming meeting in advance. People will be able to schedule their plans to attend your event when they notice a visible announcement on the website.

Example 11. Webinar Announcement Bar

Help your customers find time and technical facilities to join your webinar. Announce your online event timely to see a growth in participation and involvement. It is hard to miss an event that is displayed in the noticeable announcement bar.

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