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Best 5 SEO Affiliate Marketing Programs & SEO Tips

Check this article about how easily monetize your website traffic and find valuable SEO affiliate marketing program

What is SEO Affiliate Marketing?

Your own website is a quite powerful tool for your affiliate campaign. It allows more control over your monetization strategies and a wide variety of ways to improve them after some tests run. Since the success of this traffic channel depends on SEO, in this article we’ll tell you about the most efficient ways to improve it.

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Proven SEO Affiliate Marketing Tips

Let’s start with SEO affiliate marketing basics and look through the checklist of the foundational SEO issues you should check before the start:

Technical SEO
(for correct indexing)
On-page SEO
(for higher rank)
 Off-page SEO
(for better visibility)
✔ Correct indexing
✔ XML Site maps
✔ Correct mate robots
✔ HTTPS protocol
✔ Speed optimization
✔ Mobile optimization
✔ Brief readable URLs
✔ Useful content
✔ Logical page structure
✔ Internal links
✔ High-quality external links
✔ Catchy meta description
✔ Image alt text
✔ Backlinks
✔ Guest Posting
✔ Social Media activity
✔ Clients’ reviews
✔ Content authors
✔ Influencer outreach

These were essential things for your affiliate marketing SEO, however, we’d like to share 10 weekly techniques that will help you skyrocket your organic traffic and have more affiliate sales.

5 Affiliate SEO Marketing Tips to Refer Sales

Let’s go through tried-and-tested tactics you may use in your battle for traffic and sales. Also, we’ve prepared the best practices to include in your affiliate marketing routine:

Tip #1 Make research for your competitor’s best content

Being creative is important, but being useful for your readers’ problems is brilliant. Find the content that will solve their tasks and focus their attention on the affiliate products.

  • Use keywords tools, like Ahrefs or AdWords to find the most popular queries
  • Look over top-performing pages of your closest competitors (use SEMRush or any other tool)
  • Define which topics would be more valuable and have a greater outreach for the audience
  • Write a better version of these articles, adding useful information and handy tips.

Focus all your attention on which topics will be popular among your referral users and scale your SEO affiliate website rankings.

Tip #2 Use pain-point SEO keywords

If you create guides that really help clients to solve their problems, you need to make these articles as visible as possible for this audience. Thus, you may recommend your affiliate products within the actionable piece of advice for your users. Let’s look through the most popular content types:

  • Pricing
    Create an article with a comparative analysis of the pricing for the services or tools. Explain to users how to save up more (of course, using your affiliate product).  
  • “Alternative to”
    Users often search for alternatives to brand or expensive solutions, why not help them find the best match? Explore popular alternative products, compare with the product you recommend, showing all the benefits you referral user may find.
  • Case posts
    Think of the best scenarios where your product will be useful for the audience. Readers will identify themselves with the issue, so they’re more likely to believe in the product you recommend in the end.
  • Top Product
    Create a brief overview of top products of the niche, compare their pricing, features and how your affiliate products are cheaper or vice versa worth buying. Don’t overpraise your products, be objective and recommend the right solution for your audience.

Tip #3 Purchase-intent Keywords

It really takes time to lead your prospect directly to the purchase action and you’re likely to seek quick sales to get your revenue share. We know your pain and here’s a quick solution – use purchase-intent keywords. These keywords are usually searched by users who already want to buy your product:

Related to the product Purchase intentIntegration queries
Best + product
Product category
Top + product 
Buy + product
Product + deals
Product + Deals / Coupons/ Offers, etc.
Product + e.g. WordPress
How to add + product

Use Ahrefs and find out more user searches, use not only the most popular queries but long-tail keywords more fitting for your niche or industry. This technique really helps to improve SEO for affiliate websites and bring more referral leads.

Tip #4 SEO: authority, relevance, and trust

Keep updating the content with the best information to gain authority. Then practice best on-page optimization to tell the search engine that your content is purely relevant to the topic. And lastly, perform link building on other authoritative and trusted websites to build trust.

Tip #5 Add Affiliate links in High-Performing Pages

Be strategic about this. Publish affiliate link not on the new, but on well-indexed pages. Use tried and tested content with a high traffic to collect more leads and don’t waste time and money trying to promote underperforming content.  

Best 3 SEO Affiliate Tools for Website

To perform SEO for affiliate websites, here are the best tools that can help you. These are widely used and provide valuable information.

  1. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools
    Ahrefs Webmaster Tools is great to keep an eye on website insights affiliate keyword research and many other daily routine tasks that help you improve SEO of your website.
  2. Answer the Public
    It’s perfect to search best FAQs related to your niche or keyword.
  3. SEMrush
    By using SEMrush, you can see what keywords another affiliates may be bidding, analyze pages traffic and many other useful reports.

Highest Paying SEO Affiliate Program

Elfsight SaaS Affiliate Program is among the highest-paying SEO affiliate programs. With a 98% satisfaction rate, the program has paid $1+ million to more than 3 million users. The program offers

  • 30% recurring commission
  • get your cut for as long as a referral remain Elfsight customer
  • instant payouts to your PayPal, Payoneer or bank account.
ElfsightOther SEO affiliate programs
Entry feesFree to joinMonthly/annual fees
Commission30% recurring 20% – 30% one-time
Cookie lifespan lifetime 60 – 90 days
Marketing  materialsLogos, video samples, scripts, widget catalogsGuideline
SupportHelp docs, online chat, personal account managerHelp docs, ticket system
Tracking toolsPersonal dashboard Monthly reports

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5 Best SEO Affiliate Programs Alternative in 2022

Besides Elfsight SaaS, there are also other SEO affiliate programs working successfully. Here are the five best alternatives:

  1. SEMrush Affiliate Program

    SEMrush has a well-known SEO affiliate program. You get a $200 commission for every $99-$399 monthly subscription. For registration, your website must have at least 1K traffic. Also, it’s important that you write on digital marketing, SEO, PPC, and more.

    SEMrush SEO Affiliate Program

  2. Ahrefs Affiliate Program

    Ahrefs affiliate program offers their affiliates a 20% recurring commission. This means that you would get 20% of the first sale, but also 20% of all rebills after the first sale.

    Ahrefs SEO Affiliate Program

  3. AccuRanker Affiliate Program

    AccuRanker also offers 20% recurring commissions every month for each customer you refer. The more keywords referrals purchase purchase, the higher affiliate commission. A cookie window is 120-day.

    AccuRanker SEO Affiliate Program

  4. Seranking Affiliate Program

    The Seranking affiliate program gives a 30% commission on every sale. Its cookie life is 120 days, and its affiliate program is free to join. The threshold for payout is $50.

    Seranking SEO Affiliate Program

  5. Mangools Affiliate Program

    Mangools affiliate program is another amazing free alternative that allows you to promote its product right away. It provides SERP and backlink analysis, keywords research, and SEO tools. Also, it has a rank checker. The subscription-based program offers a 10-days free trial and a 30% commission.

    Mangools SEO Affiliate Program

In conclusion, you don’t have to be an expert in the affiliate marketing industry to promote the product on your website, however, SEO will help you to monetize your traffic effectively. We hope this article will help you with the popular SEO practices and tips and give you an example of SEO affiliate programs you can start with.

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