Vimeo Gallery Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Vimeo Channel Gallery and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Shape your own playlist in one click

Simply select Playlist layout, and all your videos will become organized in a single list one by one. There’s an option to show numbering so that users will be able to watch the videos in the right order. You can visualize tutorials or share a course of lessons – it will be easy to follow.

Non-stop watching for maximum engagement

To achieve continuous, seamless watching and increase the time users spend on your site, you can set videos to play automatically one after another. This option will start a new video right after the previous finishes. Autoplay function will also help attract and hold users’ attention.

It all starts with the right name

Unite all your videos under an eye-catching name. Elfsight Vimeo Gallery has an option to add widget title, where you can enter the name of your playlist or gallery, or provide a short description about the playlist – simply enter your text in the special field.

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Wider audience for your Vimeo channel

Elfsight Vimeo Gallery is a chance to promote your Vimeo channel and make it more popular. If you run a channel, just show it on your site through the widget, website visitors will shape a good new audience for your videos without extra effort.

Attracting new followers with ease

The header of the widget will help you promote your channel among website visitors. It shows not only the channel name, but also it’s description, user picture, and statistics. The follow button will help your visitors become your subscribers in one click. The header is totally flexible and you can switch it off.


Vary the elements of the video

Each video has a title, a description, a duration indication, and the Vimeo icon. All of these elements are switchable, and you can choose which you want to show, thus making the widget more informative or minimalist.

Find the best color combination

With Elfsight Vimeo Gallery, you can make your widget match the color solution of the site. The settings include an option to paint background and text of the widget, and choose the theme color, which includes the Vimeo icon on the video and Follow button.

Flexible width and mobile settings

To let you fit the widget into your page, whatever space requirements it may have, Elfsight Vimeo Gallery has flexible width. You can use pixels or percentage to set it or enter Auto, to let it fill all the available space of the page. Though the widget is fully responsive, you can choose the grid parameters for mobiles, too.


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