TikTok Feed Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight TikTok Feed and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Grid layout for a flawless feed

Use the Grid layout to present TikTok videos in the clearest way. If you want to fill up the whole gallery page on your website, this is a great option. Make the feed handy for users. This interface places the posts in the form of a grid, and to see further, users will scroll down the list.

Classic Carousel or Slider view

To put the TikTok feed widget as a separate unit on a page and incorporate it into your content field, explore the ideal interface styles. Integrate the posts into your space-efficient page. In order to show more content at a time, choose Slider to draw attention to separate posts; and Carousel. Set the type of control for your visitors to slide through the posts or turn on the option of autoplay.

Add posts with Masonry layout

Using the Masonry style to maximize your website room usage. Based on the limited space and the size of the widget, this puts the cards in an ideal position. To generate a stand-alone gallery unit right in the content field, use this layout. With less room available, you can reveal more stuff.

Familiar to everyone feed in the form of a list

Let the widget align with the experience of users by selecting the style of the list. Build your own endless feed for deeper user interaction with the vertical timeline of posts and the ‘Load more’ icon.

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5 card layouts

You are able to choose out from five different and convenient card layouts. There’s an opportunity to decide what elements you want to see on a card, and how you wish the text to appear. For example, there’s a chance to present text under videos on a light background.

Follow button to enlarge the number of subscribers

To increase your popularity and draw more fans, optimize the efficiency of your TikTok feed on the web. You can put the Follow button on the widget posts using Elfsight widget. This will convert your website users into followers within one click.


Use a few taps to create an optimum color scheme.

After you’ve personalized the widget’s settings, move on to style it. Start with selecting either a dark or a light theme and accent color. That’s it, the widget’s appearance is totally ready. After that, you can customize all the elements one by one. You can change the widget’s background, design of the card, color of the text, links, and hover. Also, there’s an opportunity to decide on the font’s size and the shape of the card. Finally, if there’s something in the widget’s appearance you wish to change further, you are able to add a custom CSS. You see, the widget is fully adjustable, go and try it out for free in the live demo now!


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