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Display your team members to the best advantage in a customizable widget


Webnode Team Showcase widget
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Our widget will be your simplest way to showcase your team on the website. It helps tell about any kind of team: business partners, sport club, professor staff, company workers and other. Add a picture, contact details, and an impressive text about every individual. Visitors will get a possibility to contact them the same second via links and social icons. You can create groups and demonstrate the format of your company, choose layouts, colors and more. Lift credibility of your business, displaying its human image!

Where can I install Team Showcase

Add the widget topage, where it is most needed. It can be one of the parts of the content zone, or it can fill the whole page. So, you can create a whole About us page with a single widget.

What advantages can it give me?

Showing the real people engaged in the company raises the transparency and improves the seen trustworthiness of the business. It makes people sure you are a credible partner and can help increase leads and get new sales. More to that, your team will be quick-to-reach using contact info you display for every person.

What do I need to have Team Showcase on my Webnode website?

You only need two minutes of time to get the widget up and running. Adding is super quick, free, and doesn’t involve coding.

  1. You can integrate the widget into your web page through our service. Just follow the guide hereafter on this page.
  2. The widget can be introduced through our service or through the marketplace. Here you can learn all details about the two options and select yours.


To get a clearer idea of the widget, check the list of the major traits. They make our widget incredibly effective for your business:

  • Active icons of social media and links to website and email address;
  • Person’s Location opens on Google Maps when clicked;
  • Popup opens more info of a team member;
  • 2 possibilities to show groups: as a overall list or filtered by menu;
  • 4 variants of layout to choose: Grid, Cards, Gallery, List.

Demo will open all features to you

Learn how to place the Team Showcase widget to your Webnode website. It is no-sweat and fast.

The following steps are the only thing you need to do in order to demonstrate the widget on your site.

  1. Design your own Team Showcase plugin
    By means of our free configurator, create a plugin and set the options of interface and content.
  2. Receive the individual code to add the plugin
    After you have set up your widget, you will acquire the individual code from the appearing window on Elfsight Apps. Copy this code for future use.
  3. The plugin on your Webnode website
    Go to the place you would like to add the plugin to and insert the copied code there. Save the results.
  4. You successfully accomplished the installation
    Enter your website, to check your plugin.

Still have doubts? Or having troubles? Simply write a request to our support team, They will help with any trouble.


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