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Spinning Wheel plugin for Wix

Engage with our free selection of plug-and-play plugins designed to maximize user interaction and meet business strategies, featuring easy integration, extensive customization, and professional customer support.

Why you should consider integrating the Spinning Wheel plugin on your Wix site

Through the use of the Wix Spinning Wheel plugin, you can add an engaging and interactive game element to your site. With this prize wheel interface, users can participate in promotions by spinning the wheel for a chance to win coupons, discounts, or special offers, increasing user engagement and sales conversions.

Here are some reasons why you should consider adding this luck spinner widget to your Wix site:

  • Enhance visitor engagement with interactive promotions. Set up a fortune wheel tool to attract and retain site visitors by providing them with a fun and interactive way to receive rewards.
  • Drive sales through gamification. Use a reward spinner to offer discounts and deals in a novel way, encouraging purchases and boosting your overall sales figures.
  • Customize to fit your brand. Employ a promotional spinner to seamlessly integrate with your site’s branding, allowing for customization of the wheel’s appearance and prizes.

Numerous amazing features are coming soon for the Spinning Wheel plugin for Wix

Our awesome development team is continuously working to enhance the functionality and flexibility of the Spinning Wheel plugin. Soon, you’ll be able to fully customize every aspect of the prize wheel interface to better align with your marketing strategies and brand image.

Here are some key aspects:

  • Advanced customization options for the wheel’s design and prize segments
  • Integration capabilities with email marketing tools for lead capture
  • Real-time analytics to track engagement and conversion rates
  • Mobile-responsive design to ensure functionality across all devices

Involve your customers and incentivize purchases with the Wix Spinning Wheel plugin!

How can I embed the Spinning Wheel plugin into my Wix website?

Installing the Spinning Wheel plugin on your Wix site is simple with our no-code solution. It can be integrated into any part of your website, engaging visitors wherever you choose.

  1. Use our configurator to customize your own no-code plugin.
    Select the design and rewards that best suit your campaign, and configure your settings.
  2. Obtain your custom embed code from our platform’s interface.
    Once configured, copy the code shown in the popup and keep it for later use.
  3. Begin the integration of the plugin on your Wix site.
    Insert the previously saved code into your webpage’s HTML and apply the changes.
  4. Completed! The integration of your no-code plugin is now active.
    Check your site to see the new promotional spinner in action, engaging visitors and promoting interactions.

If you experience any issues during the installation process, our customer support team is ready to assist you with any problems you might face with the setup of the Spinning Wheel plugin.

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