Sales Notification Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Sales Notification and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Have your back covered for each event

Perhaps, at first glance, it might seem impossible. But Elfsight has got you settled in with over 20 ready-to-use notification templates: hotel booking, tech store sales, popular product sales, Google review, restaurant reservations, active visitors, newsletter subscription, YouTube channel subscription, TikTok new follower, doctor appointment, beauty salon booking, and so on. Lean into exploring all the options and tweaking them slightly to match your branding style.

Practice mindfulness without coding skills

In the spirit of saving time, these Sales Notifications templates embrace the building process with low input efforts—no coding skills or design studies are needed. It casts them as an ideal way that describes various scenarios and makes them convenient for each user, no matter their knowledge background.

The perfect act for social proof

By displaying real-time notifications, you can boost customer confidence and credibility. It tremendously helps them see that others are actively engaging with your products or services, increasing their trust and likelihood of making a purchase.

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Post plentiful notifications without any limitations

Enter your marketing strategy with an unlimited number of sales notifications appearing after the other. Just hit the plus icon and as many popups as you want. Promoting special goods, exclusive offers, or social proving your credibility can be unstoppable.

Make sure users can’t take their eyes off

Be precise and calculated with everything you showcase on your website to make a lasting impression. The sales notifications are no exception. Give catchy information—add a detailed message with names, numbers, or locations, include timing, and attach shiny product images—to glue their attention and take action.

Generate a desire to proceed with a call-to-action button

Following the trends of FOMO, get your website users intrigued to check out the product or service mentioned in the notification. Add a call-to-action button with a redirect link and let the text speak for itself. Encourage people to take immediate action and make it go viral!

Small things like badges can make a difference

The badge may seem unnoticeable at first, but it has its own marketing impact. Categorize the made action with a small icon, bring lots of attention, and create a future vision for potential customers.


Test out eight desktop positions for a better look

It won’t longer be nerve-wracking to find the best placement for your sales notifications. This widget includes eight featured positions for desktop users. Experiment with various alternatives and find the perfect fit, ensuring it blends seamlessly with your website design choice and provides optimal visibility.

Optimize your notification with a suitable mobile position

You have all the potential to offer a mobile-friendly user experience by adapting this widget’s layout for phones and tablets: top or bottom. With this in mind and put into function, keep all of your website users hooked and not worry about any issues or not achieving compatibility goals.

Let the animated notification flow in

Bring vibrancy and dynamism to your sales notifications with animated effects: instant, fade, slide, bounce, or zoom. Catch and engage potential leads in one place and one moment of time. It works on all devices, including pc, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Simplify the primal urge to close down the popup

Make it easy for your website visitors to dismiss the notifications they are not interested in with the built-in Close button. The button is completely switchable: turn it on or off at any moment. Stay respectful of your users’ preferences and earn some massive trust points!


Hop between options to set the perfect display objectives

Here’s a full spectrum of settings to set your notifications apart and bring the experience to the stratosphere: first notification delay, display duration, and notifications interval. Put everything on time and create the desired impact for a high conversion rate.

Keep every user noted and memorized

Base everything on user behavior patterns: gatekeep everyone on your website with memorizing and randomizing filters. Display notifications not in a fixed order and pick a time frame within one popup that appears to the visitor. It can be a day or two, thirty minutes, and even for forever and always. Boost engagements and brand recall among your audience.


Remain faithful to your branding color scheme, images, and fonts

With this widget, you can stay true to your brand’s visual identity and be authentic with your audience. Customize the color scheme, images, sizing, radius, and fonts to match your brand’s aesthetics. Maintain consistency across your website and reinforce your brand’s presence while displaying compelling sales notifications.

Make it more personal with Custom CSS

Take customization to the next level with the Custom CSS editor. Add custom code to achieve a truly personalized look that aligns with your website’s design and captures your brand’s essence. Unleash your creativity and make the notifications truly your own.


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