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GoDaddy Radio Player plugin
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Embed Radio Player on GoDaddy with the Elfsight widget

Elfsight Radio Player is a simple plugin for GoDaddy giving you an opportunity to stream radio stations right on your website. The plugin is hugely adjustable: you are free to alter its position, settling it in any place on the page, scale its size, recolor the background and all other parts to mix it with your site’s style, apply dark theme, demonstrate images and demonstrate or hide 3 additional player elements, for example, title, status and others. You may upload as much stations as you wish to entertain your visitors, turn the autoplay option on and don’t hesitate – your users won’t quit your website in a hurry!

Equip your audience with new source of helpful and entertaining content by means of Radio Player

We offer powerful and uncomplicated features, check some of them:

  • Various color variations.
  • Dark/light color theme.
  • 2 layouts ready for use.
  • An option to append background image.
  • Add unlimited amount of stations

You can find out the full functionality of the plugin in the demo

How do I embed Radio Player on my GoDaddy website?

Just follow the following steps described below to add the plugin.

  1. Manage our free editor and start forming your own plugin.
    Determine the preferred form and characteristics of the plugin and save the modifications.
  2. Receive your unique code exposed in the box on Elfsight Apps.
    As soon as the establishing of your plugin is finished, copy the individual code at the appearing popup and save it for later usage.
  3. Initiate usage of the plugin on GoDaddy homepage.
    Integrate the code you’ve copied before in your homepage and apply the corrections.
  4. Done! The integration is fully performed.
    Visit your website to review how’s the tool working.

On condition of having inquiries or confronting some complications, please reach out to our support staff. Our consultants are longing to help you with all the difficulties you might have with the plugin.

How can I embed the GoDaddy Radio Player plugin into my website without coding skills?

Elfsight offers a Cloud-based solution that enables users to create a GoDaddy Radio Player plugin on their own. Observe how simple the process can be:

  • Access the online Editor to generate a GoDaddy Radio Player plugin section you’d like to integrate into your website.
  • Select one of our pre-designed templates and customize the GoDaddy Radio Player plugin settings, modify the layout and color scheme, include your content without any need for coding.
  • Preserve the settings you’ve configured for the GoDaddy Radio Player plugin and obtain the code for embedding, which can be effortlessly incorporated into your website at no cost.

By working in the user-friendly Editor, any internet user can create a GoDaddy Radio Player plugin section and embed it into their website. There’s no requirement for payment or the disclosure of your card information to access the Elfsight Editor. If you encounter any difficulties at any stage, please feel free to reach out to our customer support.


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