Podcast Player Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Podcast Player and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Increase reach and grow audience

The number of podcast listeners grows all over the world. Adding this extremely popular content to your website can help you beat the crowd and begin developing an audience. According to research data, listeners are loyal to their favorite programs, which means they establish relationship with you as a podcast host and will be back for a new episode.

Stand out against competitors

By means of podcasts you can easily provide your audience with helpful information and solutions to their problems. And in spite of extreme popularity of this format, you’ve got a chance of facing very little competition. Adding a podcast to your website can help you immediately stand apart your rivals in your business sphere.

Build trust with your users

Audio content is usually perceived by users as something personal. So implementing a podcast into your web page can help you establish a long term relationship with your audience. Having a strong loyal community is really important for attracting new users to your website.

Interactive options

One of the main advantages of podcasts is their interactivity. Each podcast is an audio show where host can create polls, answer questions, take interviews and even calls from listeners. This diversity of options is extremely helpful in making a consumption of content fell more like an interactive experience.

Choose any source you like

You can add podcasts from almost any source, like, for example, PodBean, Podster, Libsyn. All you have to do here is add a link to RSS feed into the special box of our editor.


Player info

Construct a standard player, containing information about the author of the podcast, the title with the name of the episode, and the cover image. These details can be easily switched off so that you could create a clean feature with control icons only.

Show or hide playlist

Demonstrate a switchable playlist so that users could see which track is going to be next. It can be easily concealed by clicking on a special button. It’s really convenient for those site owners who don’t want the interface look overfraught. The episodes of podcasts can be organised in chronological order and backward with the help of Reverse Playlist button. You may also choose date format.

Two layouts for better user convenience

We offer you two layout types – Embed and Floating. The Embed layout is there to put the widget in the most conspicuous position on the pages of your website. And the Floating one lets you place the widget anywhere you need to make the most convenient tool for your audience.

Autoplay option

It’s up to you to choose whether you want the podcast start playing right after the user enters your website or not. Simply turn the autoplay option on or off, giving users more control over the feature.

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Adjoin different player and playlist parts

Any player and playlist can be supplied with three modifiable parts. You can present or hide the picture, the information about the author of the track and the progress indicator. It’s up to you to decide whether you want your player look minimalist or eye-catching.

Recolor options to fit it perfectly into your site

Choose background color that will be the excellent match for your site’s style. To make the widget outstanding, alter the accent color. Form stunning player in a few clicks!

Dark/light theme

Fit your audience with a trendy looking player with a dark theme. Utilise the dark mode to accent content and weaken messy interface. Create a striking atmosphere that won’t leave your users uninterested. Light color scheme is also available for the ones who prefer classic apparel.

Customized color theme

In case you don’t want to choose one of two two color schemes, we’ve provided you with a possibility to create your custom-made one. Simply come up with the background color or picture and recolor all of the player’s components.


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