Online Form Builder for ClickFunnels

Boost your website's user experience and draw in fresh visitors with Elfsight Form Builder


Online Form Builder for ClickFunnels
Create an inviting contact form with rounded style and compact fields grouping
Make use of more than 20 diverse input elements and break them into manageable steps
Add ratings and scales with comments fields to shape surveys and collect feedback
Arrange drop-down fields with placeholders and embedded calendars for easy and fast filling in
Enjoy a flexible interface with styles and custom colors to fit into any website concept
Allow your users smooth experience from any device
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This is an adaptable solution for generating various types of fillable forms and displaying them on your ClickFunnels website. Easily collect insights from your existing and potential customers using surveys, feedback forms, rating requests, and other formats. Craft the structure of the form, select elements, specify input types, add scales, and much more to create manageable and effective forms for collecting data. Start using Form Builder to achieve your business goals faster!

We offer useful and user-friendly features, here are a few:

  • Add CTAs to guide users towards your goal.
  • Adjust slide switching duration.
  • Choose from multiple variants.
  • Place your text anywhere on the page with advanced positioning.
  • Modify five content elements.
Try all the settings in our fully functional demo.

How do I integrate Form Builder into my ClickFunnels website?

Simply follow the steps below to embed the widget.
  1. Open our free configurator and begin creating your personalized plugin. Choose your preferred look and functionality, and apply your edits.
  2. Copy the personal code from the window in Elfsight Apps. After creating your personalized widget, copy the individual code from the window that appears and save it for future use.
  3. Start using the plugin on your ClickFunnels site. Insert the code you recently copied into your web page and save your edits.
  4. The installation is now complete. Go to your website to see the plugin in action.
If you encounter any difficulties, please contact our support team. Our specialists will be delighted to assist you with any questions you may have about our product.


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