LinkedIn Recommendations Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight LinkedIn Recommendations and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Selective Recommendations

Showcase your finest LinkedIn endorsements, handpicked for their impact in spotlighting your unmatched professional prowess.

Versatile Sorting Options

Customize your profile’s narrative with flexible sorting, placing your most impactful endorsements in the limelight.

Multilingual Support

Connect with a diverse global audience through comprehensive multilingual support, making your profile universally engaging.

Enhanced Credibility and Appeal

Elevate your brand with LinkedIn’s trusted platform, effortlessly enhancing your professional credibility and global allure.


Verification Badges

Establish undeniable trust with our LinkedIn-inspired verification badges, visually confirming the authenticity of each glowing recommendation.

Real Photos of Users

Bring recommendations to life with real user photos, adding a deeply personal and authentic touch to each testimonial.

Job Titles

Enhance the impact of endorsements with job titles that highlight the professional stature and relevance of each recommender.

Links to LinkedIn Profiles

Offer a gateway to richer professional insights with direct links to recommenders’ LinkedIn profiles, fostering trust and expanding networking opportunities.


Boost your LinkedIn profile and collect more recommendations

Expand your network and increase recommendations on LinkedIn. Use a compelling call-to-action button in the widget’s header to attract more visitors to your LinkedIn page. Don’t just display feedback, but inspire even more!

Growing LinkedIn Connections

Expand your professional network by gaining subscribers, creating a robust LinkedIn community around your profile.

Enhanced Professional Networking

Develop stronger ties in your industry, leveraging LinkedIn for meaningful professional relationships and opportunities.

Motivation for Recommendations

Encourage your network to endorse you, amplifying your credibility and expertise through their trusted recommendations.


Fully Flexible Interface

Adapt the widget’s look to fit your site perfectly. Choose to highlight or hide the header for a streamlined display that suits your aesthetic and branding strategy.

Multiple Layout Options

Select from five engaging layouts – List, Grid, Slider, Masonry, and Carousel. Each style offers a unique way to present client feedback, enhancing the user experience and visual appeal of your site.

Customizable Review Display

Tailor the number of reviews per page across all layouts. This flexibility ensures that each testimonial is presented effectively, maximizing the impact of client feedback on your website.


Color Customization

Change the widget’s colors, from text to review backgrounds. Select a transparent, colored, or image background and an accent color to create a visually appealing and attention-grabbing widget.

Pre-designed Color Schemes

Quickly implement a Dark or Light theme for a sophisticated look. These ready-to-use color schemes are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your website effortlessly.

Custom Color Scheme

Create a custom color scheme that matches your website’s design flawlessly. This feature allows for a seamless integration of the widget into your site, maintaining brand consistency.

Custom CSS Integration

For more detailed customization, the widget supports custom CSS. This allows for intricate styling choices, giving you the ability to design a widget that uniquely represents your brand’s personality.


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