Job Board Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Job Board and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Hire people in the most convenient way

Let users know about job openings in your company by placing this interactive gallery of vacancies on a website. The job card looks appealing yet clear, it contains all the necessary information about position and your company. The card makes it possible to redirect people to the page with an application form.

All information on a single card

The widget allows you to add all the necessary details to the job card. You can fill in the following fields: title of the job, salary, type of contract, description, and skills required. In addition, there’s an opportunity to tell about your company: its name, location, and department that needs the new employee. Elements will be automatically preformatted by the widget.

Popup mode

In the Job Board settings section you can choose what elements will be displayed in pop-up mode. They are: salary, company name, department, location, description, and skills. All these can be switched on and off by simply dragging the cursor in the configurator.


Job Board permits you to direct people to the page with an apply form. To achieve this, you can simply paste a link to the needed page in an Apply Link field on a Job tab. There’s also a possibility to add a Learn more button: after clicking it, the vacancy will appear in a popup mode.


Maximum easy way to collect responses

You now have one more opportunity to make vacancy announcements. Right after users get acquainted with the company on your corporate site, they’ll be able to apply for a job. It’s great when you wish to present the company in the most attractive light and bring in fresh talaents afterwards.

Numerous vacancies

Our tool allows you to add as many job vacancies as you wish – there are no limits. Publish any number of job offers for the positions to be filled and get responses right away.

The greatest option to enhance website performance

You’ll get potential employees’ CVs right after they see the vacancy on your website. It improves the overall website usability, makes web page more interactive.

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Intelligent color generator

Elfsight team are proudly introducing the new way to adjust the widget – smart color theme generator. By means of it, you’re able to create a widget in just two clicks: one – choose Light or Dark Theme, two – select the primary color. Our smart widget will do everything else for you: all the elements will be colored in accordance with your choice and you don’t need to do anything further.

Advanced style settings

However, if the result of automated colorization isn’t enough for you, you are welcome to customize all the widget’s components independently. You can adjust background, widget title, font sizes and colors, look of the cards and buttons.


You are free to choose one out of 6 layouts available. They are: Volunteer Organization, IT Corp, Restaurant Vacancies, Hotel Vacancies, One-Line List, and, finally, Mobile view. All of the templates are totally customizable, you can change their constituents the way you wish.


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