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Make your events easy to find using the Calendar
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The Elfsight Calendar widget is a remarkable app allowing you smoothly share your activities with your visitors. It offers good deal of opportunities for displaying upcoming events the most showy way. Customize it to combine the design with your page’s aesthetics. Construct unlimited amount of events, add multiple tags, upload your custom images and videos, and keep your audience notified about your agenda.

Our Calendar app can help you switly announce your future activities and boost the engagement rate on your website.


Check a list of all the functions of Event Calendar for BigCommerce. You can adjust them directly in the editor and they will help you construct the widget fit for your use-case.

  • Use workable content opportunities to accommodate the tool for your type of activities.
  • Let users add events to their most used apps.
  • Build different types of events, specify locations and add hosts.
  • Categorize all your events and assign them tags.
  • Choose between 4 layout options.

See how all the features work, in our demo

How do I integrate Event Calendar with BigCommerce?

To start using app, fulfill the guidelines below.

  1. Make use of our free editor and start working with your own widget.
    Determine the selected look and functional traits of the widget and apply all the corrections.
  2. Copy your individual code popping up in the box on Elfsight Apps.
    After the configuration of your Event Calendar widget is complete, copy your code at the emerged box and save it for future occasion.
  3. Commence utilization of the widget on your BigCommerce website.
    Integrate the code you’ve saved before into your website and save the edits.
  4. The setup is fully accomplished.
    Open your website to review how’s the widget working.

Don’t hesitate to communicate to the clients support when you need assistance or have queries. Our specialists will give a helping hand with every enquiry.

Create your own BigCommerce Event Calendar in 1-2-3!

Use a chance to adjust the widget in the editor and embed it on your web page directly via the live demo.


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