Serious update – Elfsight Apps 2.0 as designed per user requests

In January 2017 we launched our service Elfsight Apps. It was welcomed very enthusiastically, and the statistics looks real good to us – over 2000 people signed up for our service, and our widgets were installed to over 1000 websites.
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Serious update – Elfsight Apps 2.0 as designed per user requests
As a company, we aim to grow, develop and constantly improve the quality of our products and our work. User input has always been one of the main driving forces for us. We’ve analyzed lots of user feedback, and tons of useful statistics on the use of our service.

What we learnt from user feedback

Strengths of Elfsight Apps v. 1.0
Right now we can confidently say that we clearly see both the strengths and the weaknesses of Elfsight Apps. The stronger sides, according to our customers’ reports, are as follows:
  • easy to configure;
  • easy to embed;
  • clean apps;
  • good customization;
  • great panel.
We can go on forever with this list, great user feedback is music to our ears! However, we do realize that there have been some drawbacks, such as:
Weaknesses of Elfsight Apps v. 1.0
  • Unclear pricing. Our payment model with its deposits and daily charges confused some customers, as the monthly and yearly cost was not always clear and transparent.
  • Registering a website. Some customers didn’t feel comfortable about adding their websites where they wanted to display the widget.
  • No free apps. Lots of customers requested us to implement free versions of our apps. Not having them was an oversight on our side.
So, with our customers’ best interests in mind, we set out to remodel our service.
Our purpose was to keep the advantages, and to minimize the disadvantages as much as we could.
We are convinced that the recent changes to Elfsight Apps do just that. Allow us to give you a brief overview of what’s changed and what’s become better.

What’s new on Elfsight Apps

This batch of changes was aimed not at improving the apps, but at making the service itself more convenient and user-friendly. Here are the specifics:
  1. New payment model. The first and the most important point to mention is the payment model. Internal balance, deposits and daily charges are gone. Instead, customers can now choose a payment plan for the app they’re going to use, and pay on a monthly or yearly basis. Yay, this is something lots of our customers have been waiting for!
  2. Unlimited number of websites. Our users are no longer required to register the website where they want to display the widget. You can now add widget code to any website you like, and to any number of websites you need. This limit is gone!
  3. Widget Views. We’ve introduced a totally new element that is called Views. The number of views is basically the number of times Elfsight Apps widgets are loaded on your websites. You can estimate the number of views you’re going to have depending on your website’s traffic. Each app now has a Views Limit, and the size of the limit is defined in the payment plan. The higher the payment, the higher the available limit. The limit is provided for the period of one month, and it is refreshed once a month.
  4. Number of available widgets. Previously, you could set up an unlimited number of widgets on one website or domain. Starting now, the number of widgets you can create is limited, and the limit depends on the type of the payment plan you choose. The higher the payment, the higher the limit.
  5. Dashboard page removal. From now on the widgets you’ve set up and all the relevant information, such as the selected payment plan, views limit, and limit refresh date are displayed on Application page, and on Applications’ pages.
  6. Billing page. Make a Deposit page has been replaced by Billing page, which now features full information on your subscriptions and transactions.
  7. Improved interface. We’ve also polished up the interface, to give it a more mature and friendly appearance.
Elfsight Apps new admin panel

The advantages of the new payment model

As you can see from the above, the bulk of changes is centered around the payment model. So now let’s take a closer look at its advantages:
New payment model
  1. The exact cost of using each app is now clearly defined.
  2. Deposits give way to subscriptions. After you subscribe, you no longer have to keep an eye on your balance at Elfsight Apps.
  3. Great deals for users who choose yearly subscriptions.
  4. You no longer pay for using an app on just one website, the number of websites is now unlimited.
  5. There is now a free plan for each app.

How these changes affect your current deposits

All the current users of Elfsight Apps fall into two categories – those who have already made a deposit, and those who haven’t.
Rest assured that the deposits you made at our service will not get lost or expired. You won’t get billed twice for the same widgets or the same period of time, and you’re in no way entitled to any additional charges.
This is how things are going to work out for the paying users after the transition to the new payment model:
  • First, we will look at your account to see what apps have been licensed to you.
  • Next, we will find the “Days Left” value in your Dashboard.
  • And finally, we will provide the users with the highest payment plan for their remaining days of use. This is the best, the most expensive and most universal plan that will meet the needs of 99% of our users.
To sum it up, there are no disadvantages for the paying customers. You’ll be able to add our widgets to any number of sites. Basically, you get almost twice as much usage capabilities for the same price.
If this information is not enough for you, and you’d like to find out more details, you’re always welcome to contact our Support Team, who’ll be happy to explain everything.

How these changes affect the users who haven’t paid yet

For the users who haven’t made a single deposit yet, things are even easier. They will be transferred to Lite – our free plan. We’d also like to stress that if you’re still in free trial, you’re not going to lose your trial days. You can just go on using our widgets same as you did before. Also, being transferred to the free plan doesn’t mean that you have to stick to it. You’re welcome to upgrade your plan any time you need, and choose the one that suits you best, relying on your website’s traffic and your goals and requirements.

Don’t hesitate to start a dialogue!

We hope that this article will help you find your way around the new and improved Elfsight Apps service. We attempted to make things easier for you, and we’re looking forward to your feedback to find out whether we’ve succeeded or not. As you see, the functionality of our apps remains as it was, so rest assured that you can still enjoy the great features they offer. Another thing that hasn’t changed, is our Support Team. They’re still eager to help, and are ready to answer any questions you might have. So if anything is still unclear, you’re welcome to ask us at [email protected]. We’ll do our best to give you a detailed answer in the shortest possible time. Looking forward to seeing you at Elfsight Apps!