Top 8 Website Templates to Get Ready for Halloween Sale (2022)

Take a peek at the list of our premade templates to get your online-shop or business website ready for Halloween. You’ll be able to add a conversion element and special atmosphere in a few clicks. Each of them could be customised to make any Halloween promo successful.
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Top 8 Website Templates to Get Ready for Halloween Sale (2022)

Let’s have a look at the templates we’ve picked, test their functionality, and read short info about the benefits they bring. Each of them is presented as a responsive Demo on the page, so you can create a unique tool and embed it to your website right away.

1. Slider for Halloween Offers

Direct users’ attention to your special offer right from the home page. This idea is easily implemented through a slider, which is noticed by the majority of visitors. Collect all your special offers into an unmissable slideshow with auto rotation and Halloween decorations. Add tempting captions and CTAs that lead clients straight to a product or sales page.

According to Statista, in 2021 annual Halloween expenditure reached an all-time high of over 10 billion U.S. dollars in the United States only.

Try to start with our premade Halloween template:

2. Popup for Halloween Coupon

There’s hardly anything more attention-grabbing than a popup. A spooky Halloween-themed popup-box will come up just at the right moment  – when a visitor has just arrived. It won’t let them have second thoughts about shopping on your site. The discount that a popup offers will act as a good bait to catch new sales. Thus you will get a visitor engaged from the first minute on your website.

Check our ready-made Halloween template:

3. Countdown Timer for Anticipation or Urgency

You can use a Halloween-themed count-down timer to visualise the time left to start or end of your beneficial offer. Special offers that are limited in time are one of the best ways to create the feeling of urgency to stimulate shopping activity. When users know they can miss the chance, the positive decision is made faster. 

Nail Patel claims that 54% of shoppers will purchase the items in their abandoned shopping cart after seeing a discount on them.

See our premade Halloween template:

A floating banner on every website page cannot be missed! It will inform users about the promotion terms or redirect users to a special offer page via CTA button. It is a vivid, yet not annoying or obtrusive tool, that serves for a holiday sale recognition among your audience.

We’ve made a Halloween template for you:

5. Buttons to Redirect Users

A well thought out CTA buttons system on a website still remains the most powerful way to lead your customers to a needed section or action. It all matters: where you place them, what are the button text and caption, colours and design. When used wisely, it can highly increase the income you attract during sales.

See our special Halloween template:

6. Form to Collect Leads

A festive event is a great time to attract more people looking for special events, offers, and promotions. Placing a themed contact form on your website with a lucrative caption you can get way more applications than usual.

Use our ready-made Halloween template:

7. Reviews to Showcase Reputation

As any successful funnel includes elements for building credibility among the audience, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of reviews. If you want to have a successful sale with a good profit, you’ll have to inform your potential clients not only about the sale itself. Placing the reviews from a reliable source on your website would definitely push users to a positive decisions.

BrightLocal report says that 76% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

Start with our ready-made Halloween template:

8. Event Calendar to Promote Halloween Events

Organising special occasions, workshops or Halloween master-classes? Promote it on your website to let every user know about it. With a clear and attractive event list or calendar, you will spread the word about your activities and invite users to take part or buy tickets immediately. You can provide all the details about the event: time, place, schedule, participants, and others.

We’ve made a Halloween template for you:


Halloween time is a wonderful chance to boost sales on your site, if you use it smartly. Employing a couple of marketing tools, you can make your website ready for the holiday not only in terms of the atmosphere, but in terms of selling efficiency, too. You can efficiently combine several tools, placing them in different positions or choosing the activation time. And of course, don’t forget to track the efficiency of each of them to know what works best with your clientele.