Make your website effective for Black Friday sale 2019

An active sales website owner finds every chance to raise sales revenue. And for sure they are not going to skip Black Friday 2019 to stimulate clients to shop. What about you? In case you are not sure yet what’s the best way to make your website all-ready, look through our article. It will show you a number of beneficial tools easy to implement.
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Make your website effective for Black Friday sale 2019

Making your website ready for Black Friday, mind that decorating is not the only thing you need. Thousands of people are browsing actively during the pre-festive time, waiting for special deals and prices. Formulating your special deal so that it is appetizing is the first action to uplevel sales during Black Friday. But the second, no less important, is to announce it on your website efficiently. We would like to share several uncomplicated techniques to help you with this.

Use the coupon to get discount:

Use Coupon

Tool 1: Special Offer Slider

Highlight your hottest offers with the help of Black Friday Slider. Why using the Slider?

  • Maximum focus on the main offer;
  • A huge number of design and animation options which allow you easily;
  • integrate it into any page;
  • CTAs to boost user conversions.

Got any ideas on the slider usage? Try to put them into action now via our active demo and evaluate your results:

Tool 2: Discount Pop Up Banner

One of the best ways to notify your users of any Black Friday sale promotions. Flexible configuration options let you use for almost any purpose, from collecting email addresses and stock notifications to the direct offers for your potential clients.

  • Fullscreen variants and tiny notifications;
  • Activation triggers alignment (time on page, exit intent, page view);
  • 100% possibility to deliver an offer to each user.

Already came up with high converting banner or simply want to test several options? Don’t hesitate and try to create all the variants you’re interested in via the demo:

Tool 3: Countdown Timer

Visualize the time limit till the end of the Black Friday. When the users see that they can miss out the opportunity to buy goods on sale, they make decisions quickly. You may also use not only a timer but other counters which count the number of remaining goods, the number of buyers, etc.

  • Increasing the return up to 104%;
  • Decrease in time for decision making;
  • Improving user confidence through customer counting.

Came up with a few alluring call-to-actions which will push users to make a purchase? Try to combine it with timer which will enhance the effect:

BONUS: drive users to bricks-and-mortar stores

Want to hold a Black Friday sale not only on site, but also in offline store? Schedule sales using the Event Calendar widget. Specify the places where the actions will take place. Attract users to inter-event events: lotteries and sweepstakes. Try to configure other features in the bonus widget:

Black Friday time is a wonderful chance to boost sales on your website, if you use it smartly. Employing a couple of marketing tools, you can make your website ready for the holiday not only in terms of the atmosphere, but in terms of selling efficiency, too. You can efficiently combine several tools, placing them in different positions or choosing the activation time. And of course, don’t forget to track the efficiency of each of them to know what works best with your clientele.