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InstaLink Version 1.4.0 – Cache Media Time, Access Token Support and More

We keep improving our Instagram Widget InstaLink with new features and options. Our trending product on Envato has constant development and add-ons. We’ve prepared this update to guarantee you that your widget is still up-to-date.
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InstaLink Version 1.4.0 – Cache Media Time, Access Token Support and More

InstaLink Change Log

We’ve updated both jQuery (1.8.0) and WordPress (1.4.0) versions of InstaLink for increasing quality and functionality. Here are fresh features that are already available for download:

  • Cache Media Time option
  • Access Token support for connecting an Instagram widget to API
  • New admin panel design (special for WordPress)
  • Links from hashtags in header

Let us explain you each of four features in detail.

Cache Media Time Option

Previously in InstaLink Instagram images were cached automatically for one hour. It means that they stay in your browser’s local storage. It decreases the loading time of a web page and increases its work speed. We decided to add a special option for setting a cache time.

CacheMediaTime option allows setting up time intervals for requests to Instagram and speed up webpage loading.

This setting enlarges adjustable abilities of the widget for more complete customization. For example, when CachMediaTime is set zero, InstaLink requests to Instagram with each web page being refreshed and loads images from it.

When CacheMediaTime is set 600 seconds – InstaLink requests to Instagram each 10 minutes. During this period images are loaded from a local storage. New images will be loaded only after the next request. It allows reducing number of requests to Instagram and speed up an average web page loading.

Access Token Support

Due to the latest changes in Instagram the connection to its API now has to be done using Access Token. It’s very simple operation which takes almost no time.

If you have a WordPress version of InstaLink then use a special button “Authorize” in the admin panel. In case of having a jQuery widget you can get Access Token here.

Please, note that you may be logged in Instagram from any account to proceed this operation. This method is much faster and more comfortable than getting depreciated Client ID.

New Admin Panel Design

The process of connecting your widget to Instagram API became more obvious – the lock can be red or green depending on the result of this connection.

For now, it’s easier to navigate through the InstaLink settings.

Links from Hashtags in Header

If you use only hashtags as a source for your Instagram grid then InstaLink will display these tags in header with possibility to visit Instagram explore page.

Don’t Forget to Get Your Update

Behind each update, there is a hours-long work. We strive to create the best Instagram widget, which will meet any requirement. Our newest improving version is only one of further updates. A lot more is still to come.

Check your version of InstaLink and update it for the best user experience.

Don’t forget to leave comments about your thoughts concerning this update. Furthermore, if you have any idea what should be improved in InstaLink then reach us using Elfsight Support Center. We will consider them and get in touch with you.

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