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How to switch to business profile Instagram: Features + Analytics

Here’s a detailed guide on how to get a business account in Instagram and a full review of new features and analytics available after you switch your personal Instagram profile into the business mode. You’ll also get a free trial of Instagram Feed Widget
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How to switch to business profile Instagram: Features + Analytics
    1. Go to Instagram Profile Settings Select «Switch to Business Profile».
Switch to Business Profile
    1. Next, Instagram will ask to login with Facebook account Do it. You need to select your company’s page from the list.
      login on Facebook
      Important! You need to be the administrator of the brand page on Facebook. If you don’t have such a page, you need to get one, otherwise you won’t be able to get the business account.
Create brand page on Facebook
  • Fill in the company contacts Instagram will ask you to fill out the following fields – address, phone number and email. You can enter this data straight away, or later in the Settings section. This information will be used to display the “Contact” button next to the “Subscribe” button.
Fill in the company contacts
  • Done! You have just set up your official business profile on Instagram
official Instagram business account

The new features of your Instagram Account after you have switched to the business mode

Feature 1: «Contact» Button in the Information Header

The button to contact with your company uses the contact data you’ve specified in the final stage of setting up the business account. When a user presses this button, they will get access to different ways to connect with your company:
  • Phone number;
  • e-mail;
  • actual address (to find you on the map).
«Contact» Button in the Business Account
Tip: To set up the contact information for a business profile, go to the company account settings. The new tab «Business Contact Information» is available now in your business account. Go to this tab, and add the necessary data.

Feature 2: a hyperlink with the address

A user gets redirected to Google maps by pressing this button.
Hyperlink with the Address

Feature 3: Editing Individual Instagram Posts

Now you can promote your publications without going to Facebook’s Ads Manager first. Press the “Promote” button that has appeated under each of your posts on Instagram. The following is available on the goal-selection tab:
  • Visit your website;
  • Call your company or visit your office.
Promote Individual Posts

Feature 4: Product Category under the Brand Name

For example, food/drinks or spas/beauty/personal care. It is imported from Facebook and can’t be edited in Instagram settings yet.
Product Category

Feature 5: profile analytics for an Instagram publication

Now you can differentiate the information on each publication and the general profile figures. The available information:
  • Date and time of the publication;
  • Number of views;
  • General outreach of the publication;
  • Engagement.
If one of these metrics doesn’t make sense to you, press the prompt “What does it mean?”.
Publication Statistics
Important! Statistics will only be displayed for the posts that have been published after switching to the business profile.

Feature 6: General Instagram Business account analytics

A new button has appeared in the upper right-hand corner of your profile. Press it, and you’ll get into the profile’s general Instagram analytics section. Here’s what you’ll find there:
  1. The information on the number of views, your publications’ general outreach, and the number of clicks on your website’s link over the last week.
  2. Top publications – the most popular posts for a certain period. You can set the following filters – publication type (photo, video), target (display, outreach, engagement, likes, comments, views) and statistics collection period (7 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months). This way you can find and monitor the publications according to the criteria that are important to you.
  3. Subscribers — the overall number of subscribers, their gender (in percentage) and age. This filter can be set both for men and women, with different ages for each gender group.
  4. Best places — your subscribers’ geographical position. It’s got a countries and cities filter.
  5. The day and time of your subscribers’ maximum activity. You can use this data to adjust your content plan and change the days and time of publications to the ones when your audience is most active.
General Statistics


To sum it up, we would like to recommend switching your Instagram profile to business to make your interaction with the social network more efficient and to have an access to posts promotion or Instagram business account analytics. It’s also beneficial to embed Instagram into your business website. This is especially important for small regional companies that are geotagged to a certain location (cafes, bars, restaurants, pizza places, etc.).
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