How to Add Instagram Feed to Lightspeed eCom Website

Elfsight team has recently released our user appreciated plugin for the spinning up ecommerce platform. Today we are going to explain how to add Instagram feed InstaShow to your Lightspeed website.
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How to Add Instagram Feed to Lightspeed eCom Website

Ready? Let’s do everything step by step

Hurah, you clicked “Install app” on the InstaShow Lightspeed webpage. There are just several steps ahead to be done so that you can start using InstaShow on your Lightspeed eCom website. Here’s what you need to do in order to embed Instagram feed:

1. Get Your Code

The first step is to set up your Instagram Feed and get InstaShow code. Use the power of your imagination and apply all desired parameters to the application. The code will appear in the last green tab. Please, mark and copy it.
Instagram Feed Lightspeed Code
The code is behind you
This code contains all information about actual settings of your app.

2. Choose Desired Web Pages for InstaShow

It’s time to manage pages! Open your Lightspeed admin panel and choose “Content” tab. After that a new window will be opened.
Instagram Feed Lightspeed Content
Visit the content section
In the new window you will see all pages you have on your website. Select desired pages, where you’d like to show cool Instagram feed, and move on to the next step.
Instagram Feed Lightspeed Pages
Select desired pages for your Instagram feed
Please, note that we use homepage as an example. You can choose any other web page of the website.

3. Edit Your Page

You will see an editing form of the chosen Lightspeed web page. Click on “<>” in the Text section in order to see the source code and move on to the next step.
Instagram Feed Lightspeed Edit
Go to HTML editor

4. Paste InstaShow Code

Insert the code into the pop-up HTML Source Editor, which presents all content of the page. Then click on “Ok” and save changes in the previous editing form.
Instagram Feed Lightspeed Paste Code
Insert your code into the HTML editor
By pasting the code in the Source Editor you can choose, where exactly your Instagram feed will be placed. You can place InstaShow before, after or somewhere inside page’s content.

InstaShow Is Successfully Installed

Congratulations! You’ve done all steps and now InstaShow shines bright like a diamond on your Lightspeed eCom website. Use its advantages and increase audience engagement! If you have any kind of questions concerning InstaShow Lightspeed app then reach us using Elfsight Support Center. Our support team will help you with pleasure.
Instagram Feed InstaShow Preview