Overview: Bringing Advertising and Analytics to Instagram Story

New Instagram business tools: expanded analytics, new ways to target advertising, embed Instagram and other ways to create user-focused content.
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Overview: Bringing Advertising and Analytics to Instagram Story
Instagram Stories — one of the most popular sections of this social media that business accounts have been using for some time now. According to Instagram’s spokesperson, the “stories” created on business pages have a great outreach (about 150 million users). Thus, a third of the most viewed stories is published by business accounts. Instagram couldn’t ignore this trend, and created additional features that will help implement business ideas in a more precise way.

Business Analytics for Instagram Stories

The business tools of the Stories section will first of all include analytics. Business account administrators will be able to get information on the outreach, impressions and replies to every story. The data learned with the help of the new business tools will help evaluate the users’ reaction and, consequently, improve content.
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Advertising in Instagram Stories

Commercial Stories videos differ from regular stories by their additional functions. Among them are the opportunity to set targeting, measuring the outreach and additional metrics that will allow to create a more customer-focused content, the one that will be aired for the most interested audience. Among the first to appreciate the immersive full screen stories are 30 worldwide brands, such as L’Oreal, General Motors, Nike, McDonald’s, BuzFeed, Netflix, Asos and Shiseido.

Airbnb Instagram Case

The company Airbnb that provides accommodation all over the world, has used the Instagram Stories business tools to tell about the launch of a new project – travel with Airbnb. A series of 15-second videos tells of the advantages of getting to know a place with the help of the locals who share your interests. Airbnb have used quite a wide targeting – ages 25 to 44, men and women who live in the USA.
«Instagram gives us the perfect tools to get to know our new product» — said Eric Toda, the director of global SMM and content development at Airbnb».

«This is Just the Beginning»

According to Instagram’s official blog, having started with the launching of commercial “stories”, the company has further plans to develop this activity area and offer new ways to communicate with the target audience.