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Announcing InstaShow WP 2.0.0 with All-New Admin Panel

Elfsight team proudly presents the newest version 2.0.0 of our bestselling WordPress Instagram feed! It is a flexible plugin, which will be to anyone’s taste for showing Instagram photos in a beautiful grid on his WP website.
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Announcing InstaShow WP 2.0.0 with All-New Admin Panel
InstaShow has excellent reviews from our customers and 5-star rating. In order to simplify the usage and improve our plugin with new features, we keep updating it and do our best to implement ideas and desires of our customers.
This Instagram Feed Widget version is numbered 2.0.0 for one particular reason – it provides developers with a whole new experience in customizing our Instagram feed.

InstaShow 2.0.0 Change Log

Lots of our customers were waiting for this update and it’s already here! We’ve made changes in InstaShow to enhance its usability and functionality. The latest version includes the following features:
  • Improved built-in customization of Instagram feeds
  • All-new admin panel
We’ve also fixed several issues, namely:
  • Deleted photo bug
  • Hashtag uppercase bug
Now we head towards the detailed description of the admin panel so that you can easily check out new advantages of our WordPress Instagram feed.

Improved Built-In Customization of InstaShow Feeds

For now, InstaShow gives you an ability to edit and save settings of your Instagram feeds.
We are pleased to present you an absolutely new admin panel! It will improve plugin’s customization process and make the adjustment much clearer. After downloading your purchased copy of InstaShow, you can install it with your eyes being closed. The next chapter will describe you each block of the new WordPress admin panel.

All-New Admin Panel

There are 4 major blocks in the admin panel right now. Each block has its own function.

1. Feeds

In this block you will see the list of Instagram feeds, which you customized and displayed on one or several pages of your website powered by WordPress. Each time you add a photo feed with new settings, it will be presented in the list after you complete its customization. You can also edit existing feeds or delete them.
Instagram Feed Feeds Tab
Feed list in the WP admin panel
Do you want to create a new photo grid? Just click “Add Feed” and you will see the name field and all settings in your hands with a real-time preview at the same page so that you will be able to evaluate the work before publishing it.
Instagram Feed Editor Tab
Create your Instagram feed in no time
After defining all parameters of the new Instagram feed, you will get a shortcode, which you should insert in the desired place of your website. This shortcode can be found in the overall feed list. Choose “Copy” icon or just click the desired shortcode and it will be copied to clipboard.
As you can see, customization and installation of InstaShow will take no time!

2. Support

This block includes all information about our support that we provide all our customers. By submitting a ticket in our support center, you can always contact us and inform about your issues concerning our product.
Instagram Feed Support Tab
Get in touch with Elfsight support center at any time
Our support team will answer all your questions and help you solve occurred issues!

3. Preferences

Preferences are standard settings for all InstaShow plugins on your WP website. These options will be accepted in each Instagram feed on your website. You can add plugin’s script to every page (useful for ajax websites), specify custom CSS or JavaScript and define URL address to the InstaShow API directory.
Instagram Feed Preferences New Tab
Use advanced settings for the best performance of InstaShow
Moreover, we included advanced API settings for advanced users:
  • Media limit – it restricts the number of photos uploaded from Instagram for the best performance of your feed
  • Cache time – this option defines how often InstaShow makes requests to Instagram and loads new photos. It affects the plugin’s loading speed and your server load
  • Allowed usernames – you can use it to prevent the usage of your plugin by third-parties by setting the list of available usernames
  • Allowed tags – the option also prevents the unapproved usage of your plugin by setting the list of available hashtags

4. Activation

This block will let you activate your purchased Instagram feed and get additional benefits. You have to set the purchase code in the special field in order to activate your copy of InstaShow. By the way, our article explains you where to find your Envato purchase code.
Instagram Feed Activation Tab
Activate your Instagram feed and get additional benefits
Furthermore, you can see the actual information about your version of InstaShow in the right corner of the panel. If a new version is available for download, then you will see “Update now” button. Click the button and it will reduce the time of installation, as you don’t have to update the plugin manually.
Please, note that the admin panel is available only for a WordPress version of our Instagram feed.

Get Your Ultimate New Version of InstaShow

So we’ve learned everything about the all-new admin panel that helps to embed Instagram more easily. The new version is already available for download. Just update InstaShow Instagram feed and check all fresh features on your WordPress website.
Check your InstaShow WP and be sure that you use the latest version!
Don’t forget to leave comments below. We are waiting for your personal response concerning the latest update. Moreover, if you have any idea, what should be improved in InstaShow, then reach us via Elfsight Support Center. We will consider them and get in touch with you.
Stay tuned to our blog and receive the latest information about our products at first hand!
Instagram Feed InstaShow Preview
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