Make your website ready for Halloween 2019

A smart e-commerce website owner uses every chance to boost sales. And surely they won’t miss upcoming 2019 holidays to encourage users to purchase. So should you! And if you are not sure yet how to make your website ready, check our article. It will give you several good ideas that are easily-implemented.

Getting your website ready for Halloween, don’t forget that decorating it is not all. Millions of users are browsing actively during the pre-festive time, searching for special offers and Halloween discounts. Formulating your special deal so that it is really tempting is the first step to boost sales during Halloween. And the second, just as important, is to advertise it on your website right. We have come up with a couple of smart ways to help you do it.

Way 1: Embed a special offer slider

Direct users’ attention to your special offer right on the home page. This idea is easily implemented through a slider, which is noticed by the majority of visitors. Collect all your special offers into an unmissable slideshow with auto rotation and Halloween decorations. And add tempting captions and CTAs to direct clients straight to the product page or sale page.

To make the task easier, the slider can be created, for instance using Elfsight Slider widget. It allows for lots of design options.You can configure each of the slides yourself, painting background various colors, attaching product photos, adding CTA’s and setting redirect.

Way 2: Create a discount banner

There’s hardly anything more attention-grabbing than a popup. A spooky Halloween-themed banner will turn up just at the right moment – when a visitor has just arrived. It won’t give any chance to think twice about shopping on your site. The discount that the banner offers will serve a good bait to catch new sales. Thus you will get a visitor engaged from the first minute on your website.

You can use a widget to design your own Halloween discount popup without coding. What is great about popups created with the help of Elfsight Popup, is that you can make them not that annoying – just set the category of users and the number of times they will show. And the welcome coupon number is copied by a mere click and can be further used in the cart.

Way 3: Advertise limited-time offers

Special offers that are limited in time are one of the best ways to encourage people to hurry up and buy right now. When users know there’s a possibility to miss the chance, the positive decision is made faster. You can use a Halloween-themed count-down timer to visualize how the time is running down till the end of your beneficial offer. Create the feeling of urgency to stimulate shopping activity.

Searching for a way to embed a timer, check the widget by Elfsight. Countdown Timer widget allows for creating reverse timers and stock counts. It’s also very easy in terms of positioning, as it offers special layouts for embedding the widget to various zones of the page.

BONUS! Invite website visitors to your events

Organizing special occasions, workshops or Halloween master-classes? Advertise it on your website to let every user know about it and join immediately. With a clear and attractive event list or calendar, you will spread the word about your activities and invite users to take part or buy tickets at once. Elfsight Event Calendar widget allows you to advertise your future activities easily and very systematically. You can provide all the details about the event: time, place, schedule, participants, and others. One more way to use it is to publish, for instance, the schedule of your sales or special deals. Users will stay updated and won’t miss the chance to save.

Halloween time is a wonderful chance to boost sales on your site, if you use it smartly. Employing a couple of marketing tools, you can make your website ready for the holiday not only in terms of the atmosphere, but in terms of selling efficiency, too. You can efficiently combine several tools, placing them in different positions or choosing the activation time. And of course, don’t forget to track the efficiency of each of them to know what works best with your clientele.