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Why My Instagram Feed Doesn’t Work After June Instagram API Changes?

Web developers all over the world faced changes in Instagram API and found out on the first June that their plugins don’t actually work and display errors. What does it relate to and how to solve this issue? We will explain you in this article.

They felt that something will change very soon, but they couldn’t even imagine that this day would come so fast. Some said that everything is going to be okay, others were afraid of the events that soon will shatter the whole idea of displaying Instagram photos on websites. An only few of them were just waiting and preparing… Preparing for what comes next.

This day has come. On the first of June the world leader in photo hosting changed its the very heart for web developers – its API. Women, men, kids – they all had just to watch how one plugin after another stopped working.

I remember that someone asked me: “How are we going to move forward, how to share Instagram content?” I stood still. I didn’t know what to say except hoping for a miracle. But now? Now it’s time to bring Instagram feed back.

Instagrammelion, Book 3, Chapter 8 “Kingdom Come”

Why My Instagram Feed Doesn’t Work?

New changes of Instagram API come into force from the very first day of June. If an Instagram plugin didn’t receive permissions from Instagram then a representation of Instagram photos on websites becomes greatly restricted and more complicated: each user of an Instagram plugin has to register Client ID himself on the official Instagram website.

After its registration the user will be able to display up to the latest 20 photos from Instagram and use only username as a source, which was added to Sand Box of Instagram API Console for the Client ID. By default, there is no opportunity to display photos from other accounts, hashtags, photo URLs or to use different combinations of these sources.

To sum up, here are the following reasons of Instagram plugin’s malfunction:

  • Access Token, which you received before June 2016, became invalid due to new Instagram rules for developers
  • Your Instagram feed has no ability to show Instagram photos by hashtag and public usernames as a result of API changes
  • Developers haven’t yet updated their plugins so that they will fit new API or customer hasn’t yet updated his own plugin

How to Make My Instagram Feed Work?

There is a way out of the current situation. We offer you three approaches of restoring your feed. Just choose the one you like most:

  • Update your Instagram plugin
    Visit the page, where you bought your plugin, and check out if it has an update. Also note that if you use WordPress version there is an ability to check its relevance right in WP admin panel. If your plugin has a new version then update it immediately. It’s possible that this update includes a solution to the existing issue.
  • Get new Instagram Access Token
    Try to get a new Access Token from Instagram in case your plugin supports such feature.
  • Try 100% workable solution
    If none of two variants above doesn’t help or you’d like to display photos from other usernames, then take a look at our Instagram feed InstaShow. This plugin supports June API changes, it is completely workable and has vast opportunities for customization and presentation of Instagram photos from various sources (usernames, hashtags and photo URLs).

Keep Calm and Use Instagram Feed on Your Website!

Despite global changes of Instagram API anyone can still share Instagram content on websites. Just check our steps and we sure that you will find a proper way to continue using the power of photo-sharing networking service.

Have questions concerning our Instagram feed InstaShow? Be free to ask us via Elfsight Support Center. We will try to explain everything you want to know!

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