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Background Music Features

Explore all the features of website Background Audio player and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Create an atmosphere

Regardless of the type of your business – fitness, literature, e-commerce, music, education, and others – our player is perfect match for your website. Improve the user experience of your audience by means of background music gently setting up the tone. Use the player on the eve of holiday season to celebrate an important events, turning your website into a great place no one wants to leave.

Full immersion

Let your audience get the message you want to deliver. Provide them with an amazing audio experience incorporating different audio tracks into the pages of your website. Be sure – your visitors won’t remain indifferent!

Increase conversion

By means of Elfsight Background Music you can impact the users’ decision-making process. A suitable playlist can be really helpful in shaping the proper mood and will encourage your visitors to make a purchase or any other target action.

Multiple sources

The player supports content from multiple resources like SoundCloud, Shoutcast, Icecast, Mixcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Vista, or self hosted, local or streaming audio. It also features sources from Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox. Just copy the track’s URL and paste it in the box in our editor or upload tracks directly from your device.


Player controls

Elfsight Background Music contains six switchable player controls. You can reveal or hide any of them, giving your audience an opportunity to switch between tracks, loop and shuffle them, reveal or hide playlist and more. It’s up to you to decide how controlled the tool can be.

Two layouts for finding the best position

The widget offers two layout types – Floating and Embed. Choosing the first one, you’ll be able to place the player anywhere on the page, which is extremely convenient if you want to leave it unnoticed. The Embed type is there for those ones who don’t want the users to skip the feature.

Two layouts for better tracks presentation

The widget offers two types of layouts – Embed and Floating. The first ones provides your audience with maximum data on each track. It can be featured with the album cover to attract visitors’ attention. Floating layout allows you to put player almost anywhere on the page for greater user convenience.

Loop and shuffle

Let your users decide in which order the tracks will be presented. Let them customize the playback, mixing the tracks so that they could play in random order or looping the ones they like the most.

Autoplay option

Let your visitors hear the tracks you’ve put on your playlist right after opening your web page. Set the mood of the audience turning on the autoplay option. Or give the users more control over the feature and let them decide when they want to hear the music.

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Add various player and playlist parts

Each player and playlist may be supplied with 4 switchable parts. You are free to reveal or hide the picture, the heading, the info about the creator of the audio track and the progress bar. It’s you to choose whether you need your player look moderate or noticeable.

Repaint opportunities to set it impeccably into your web page

Choose background color which will be the perfect match for your website’s design. To make the widget more remarkable, change the accent color. Make eye-catching player in 1-2-3!

Dark/light color scheme

Provide your audience with a trendy looking player with a dark theme. Utilise the dark mode to point out content and reduce cluttered UI. Establish a dramatic feeling that won’t leave your users uninterested. Light theme is also available for the ones who like classic tone.

Custom-made color scheme

In case you don’t want to choose between two color schemes, we’ve equipped you with an opportunity to design your custom-made one. Just pick the background color or image and repaint all of the player’s elements.


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