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Appointment Booking Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Appointment Booking and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Mention all the details about your service

Share all the important things about the service or event you offer: name, full description, and picture that represents it to the fullest. On top of this, you get to set up a duration time with the provided options, from 15 minutes up to 120 minutes, and specify the pricing in a suitable currency by having alternatives: fixed, from, free, and hidden tabs.

Define the availability hours to nail the scheduling

Set up your working hours interval a few months ahead of you by going through each day of the standard week. For some emergencies or upcoming holidays, you can simply add date-specific hours or take time off completely—and it’s all there within the widget.

Stay in control of time no matter what

We understand that all it takes sometimes is enough room to manage time. So, with this in mind, you can set how far in advance appointments must be taken away and define how far into the future they can be made, such as up to 2 months in advance. Don’t forget to add your timezone if you have clients from all over the world!

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Automate confirmations to clients

Make this burden easier for you, stop doing all the manual work, and send automated confirmation emails to the clients upon bookings. Imagine the time saved by eliminating back-and-forth communication, freeing you to focus on providing exceptional service to your existing clients or developing your business!

Collect the reservation evidence yourself

To be aware of taken slots, send emails to the business owner when a new appointment is booked. This not only notifies you but also ensures it aligns with priorities, and nothing slips if a client makes a last-minute cancellation. Maintain a balanced schedule, manage your time effectively, and avoid overbooking.


Connect the widget to third-party integrations

Connect your appointment booking system to other apps to unlock a world of efficiency, automation, and seamless integration. Streamline your business operations and focus on what matters most: providing excellent service. Free up valuable time, reduce errors, and elevate your offering to new heights!

Google Calendar keeps your scheduler organized

By connecting your booking form to Google Calendar, you ensure that all appointments are automatically synced and reflected in your calendar. It eliminates the risk of double bookings, saving you time and preventing client frustration. Say goodbye to scattered schedules and endless calendar juggling.


Speak up about your brand mission

Providing a brief description of your business helps clients understand the nature of your services or products. This clarity ensures that customers booking appointments are aware of what you offer, reducing misunderstandings and aligning expectations. Plus, this way, you can attract a more targeted audience likely to benefit from.

Let your contacts play a social proof

Contact information demonstrates transparency and professionalism, building trust with the client. Also, it is helpful for various reasons—such as rescheduling, cancellations, or clarifications—and having it readily available makes it easier to get in touch with you. Feel free to share your website link, social media, phone number, location, and email address.


Build branding recognition with the customization

Consistent use of your logo, color palette, fonts, and imagery across all platforms, including appointment booking, strengthens your brand identity and makes you easily recognizable. Take a moment to explore the custom elements and features within the widget builder to follow the needed guidelines of your brandbook!

Achieve an advanced look with custom CSS or JS code

If you have skills or background in coding, we’ve got you covered with built-in CSS and JS editors. This way, the widget is all up to your imagination: perfectly match the colors, add unique functionality, automate specific tasks, create a more intuitive navigation, etc.


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