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How to get $3,000 / mo in sales recommending Elfsight on your blog

Tuấn Phan
Tuấn Phan
Web developer, blogger; 1,5 years with Elfsight
My name is Tuấn Phan, based in Vietnam. I'm a full-time freelancer and blogger. Besides my main job, I currently manage a free children's library.

Performance Statistics

In Program
1,5 years
$3,200 / month
New Paid Referrals
55 / month
Visitor to Ref Click Conversion
Ref Click to Sign-up Conversion
Sign-up to Paid Referral Conversion
Revenue per Click
Revenue per Sign-up
Revenue per Paid Referral

Growth of Recurring Passive Income

$1,000 / month
Recurring Earnings Share
Thanks to a recurring SaaS model, all subscription renewals and upgrades make up the majority of the affiliate's monthly income.
Growth of Recurring Passive Income

Q&A: How to Become Successful Affiliate Marketer?

How did you get started affiliate marketing?
“I started blog 3-4 years ago, to write about the things I like, to share with everyone, and I can revisit them whenever I forget. Some time later, the blog was read by some readers (about 1000 visits/month), and I tried to put affiliate links of some companies like GeneratePress, Impact, Beaver Builder, SQSPThemes, Elfsight... I used to have another blog, also set up an affiliate, but only about $25/month, so I just hope the second blog has enough hosting costs. But the result really surprised me, it brought in a lot, at times, half of the income compared to the main job. Here's my blog.”
Tuấn Phan
Do you have your own team?
“Most of the work is done by me. With some community support activities, I have 2 other members to support, they are students.”
Tuấn Phan
What do you do to engage more visitors to your blog?
“I put affiliate links and hardly care about the metrics, and also don't optimize the blog to get a lot of sales. Visitors to the website are mostly from Google, and Facebook - I often comment on many questions in groups, and share links. I love reading, and helping people, so it's easy to see me in the Squarespace or WordPress communities”
Tuấn Phan
What do you like most about the program?
“There are a few advanatges I’d like to highlight: Lots of cool Widgets that customers need but Squarespace doesn't provide. Affiliates can embed widgets directly on their own sites There is still a commission when the customer renews.”
Tuấn Phan
What would you like to be improved in the program?
“If Elfsight can migrate affiliate sales from old affiliate accounts to new accounts, that will be great. Also, I would be happy to see more specific data, for example the type of widget that the customer has subscribed to, how many clicks on affiliate links.”
Tuấn Phan

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